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Ramadan Scrapbook

By Sukaina Imran Supplies   . Steps Cut out foam sheets in the shape of a mosque Past it on the front side of the scrapbook with glue Decorate how you... Read More

Peshawar – December 16, 2014

By Khudaija Nagaria December 16th, 2014 was just like another day, When a tragedy shook Pakistan, it brought dismay! Boys went to school but didnt come back! Such was the barbarous,... Read More


By Khudaija Nagaria Yet another serious heart-break, Yet another unexpected blow, Yet another discrete proof of, Peoples fake and outward show! Ready to help us all the time, Support theyre willing... Read More

Du’a – For My Mother

By Khudaija Nagaria   Theres unexplainable anguish, And unbearable pain! My heart feels heavy while, I stare around in vain! I am in a state of denial, I experience agony, I... Read More