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Our children, our priority!

By Farozan Warsi ‘And hold firmly to the rope of Allah and do not be divided!’ Al Imran V. 103 Would you agree that there is a general sense of... Read More

Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day

By Beenish Mahmood Although many of us celebrate Father’s Day, we may not know the real history behind this day and tradition. For kids, Father’s Day is a day to... Read More

How to Help Your little ones Learn to Fast

By: Mona Ismaeil Ramadan is here! Alhamdulillah! The most Holy time of the year. There is something about Ramadan that ignites all of our hearts and souls. It’s a time... Read More

How to Help Your Child With Homework and Studying; 8 Tips

By: Mona Ismaeil   Whether your little one is in Grade 1 or Grade 12 and whether they are learning in-school or online they will have to review, complete homework,... Read More

7 Things You Can Do To Make Back to School Easier

By: Mona Ismaeil Tis the season of back to school shopping, scouring the stores for an enormous list of school supplies and attempting to get back into some sort of... Read More

Fun and Frugal Summer Activities for Kids

By Sadaf Afshan   ‘Mom, I’m bored!’ You must have been  hearing these words ever since self isolation due to the Covid 19 pandemic began. If you are running out... Read More

Double the Trouble; Raising Twins

By Khaula Mazhar Nothing in the world can prepare you for raising twins. I raised three kids before I had twins (God has an awesome sense of humour) but I still... Read More

Healthy Easy Snacks For Toddlers

By: Marzia Shamsi    From the time I became a mother for the first time I have been very particular about what I ate while I breast fed my kids... Read More

Ed’s Note: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We’re still awaiting Spring here in Toronto. Weather, that capricious friend friend of ours, teased us with a fleeting hint of Spring before bringing more snow with a polar vortex... Read More

20 Lessons I Learned in 20 Years of Parenting

By Rahila Ovais Ever had a job where you had no previous experience or training; didnt come with an instruction manual, and people’s lives were at stake? Well that’s parenting!  Here... Read More