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By Farozan Warsi I begin with a disclaimer today. This is a slightly sensitive topic and it is possible that many people might not agree with me or have a... Read More

How to Help our Children Overcome Daily Challenges

By Farozan Warsi The children are back in school after March break, navigating between in person and virtual learning as well as vacations. Some older ones are vaccinated; others still... Read More

How to Raise our Children to Embrace Diversity

By Farozan Warsi The beautiful Afzaal family was laid to rest on Saturday, 12th June, 2021 in London, Ontario. To Allah we belong and to Him we return! The battle... Read More

Four ways to Help Our Children Cope with Emotions

By Farozan Warsi My grandson, 5 years and some, walked into the house looking decidedly downcast. He did not respond to my queries about why he was out of sorts.... Read More

An Interview with Dr. Tasnuva Tunna: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Part 2

By Madiha Malik Dr. Tasnuva Tunna is a mother of two. In this interview, she shares her courageous journey as she strives to find strategies to help her son, who... Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Children Steadfast in Prayers

Author: Saniya Owais As soon as our children start nearing their age of wisdom and maturity, it is natural for us as parents to worry about making them regular in... Read More

Raising Resilient Muslim Children

Author: Madiha Malik Ever wonder where children get the strength to overcome and forget something that happened 10 minutes ago? Incidents happen, yet they move on like they never occurred.... Read More

Healthy Easy Snacks For Toddlers

By: Marzia Shamsi    From the time I became a mother for the first time I have been very particular about what I ate while I breast fed my kids... Read More

Children with Special Needs; Finding the Support You Need

By Nadia Ali Immigrating to a new country can be a tough experience and more so when considering the needs of children with physical and developmental delays or disabilities. There... Read More

Pack A Better School Lunch This Year

By Mariam Mazhar It’s back to school time already, summer flew by so fast! Thinking about the start of another academic year leaves some moms in a cold sweat and... Read More