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Make Money by Cooking at Home!

Turning your cooking passion into an online business can indeed be an exciting venture that you can start from the comfort of your home. With the rise of online platforms,... Read More

Creative Corner: Easy Summer Scene Watercolour

By Khaula Siddique Take a little creative break as a form of self-care! Paint along with this step-by-step YouTube tutorial to create a nostalgic summer evening scene in watercolour. You... Read More

Creative Corner: Painting Eid Cards!

By Khaula Siddique Are you done getting your Eid gifts ready? Still have some things to get done? How about handmade Eid cards? The best thing about creating your own... Read More

Self-Care: Take a Creative Break!

By Khaula Siddique Art is good for you! Research shows that art is good for mental health, everyone should have a creative hobby to help them unwind from their stressful,... Read More

Events: Craft Workshop: Create a Welcome Ramadan Banner!

  Interactive Workshop for Moms and Kids: Let’s create a banner to welcome in Ramadan! Organized:  CAIC and Nida Aman from the Crafty Soul Date: Friday, March 3rd, 2023 Time:... Read More

Keeping the Kids Engaged in Winter Vacation

By Khaula Siddique Most of us look forward to winter vacation and what it brings, sleeping in and not packing lunchboxes-why is the lunchbox the hardest meal to plan? However,... Read More

Getting Your Garden Ready for the Fall and Winter

By Khaula Siddique I love the changing seasons; each season has a special feeling and atmosphere. I feel like Fall is a time to start slowing down, take walks wearing... Read More

Make A Beautiful Mini Pond in Your Garden

By Khaula Siddique I started gardening a few years ago, with absolutely no idea what to do. But Google is my best friend and I think you could probably learn... Read More

Fun Ways to Welcome Summer in Your House

By Nida Aman Summer is finally here and we cant wait to welcome it! It’s the perfect time to open your windows and let the wind bring freshness inside your... Read More

How to Help Your little ones Learn to Fast

By: Mona Ismaeil Ramadan is here! Alhamdulillah! The most Holy time of the year. There is something about Ramadan that ignites all of our hearts and souls. It’s a time... Read More