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Sponsors of CAIC Mega Connector

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our mega sponsors for their generous support in making the CAIC Mega Connector event possible. Get to know our mega sponsors: SHAFAQ QURESHI... Read More

Make Money by Cooking at Home!

Turning your cooking passion into an online business can indeed be an exciting venture that you can start from the comfort of your home. With the rise of online platforms,... Read More

Featured Business: Asian Collection by Huvaida

  Please tell us about yourself! Your name, where you’re from, where do you currently live? My name is “Huvaida Nishat”. I come from Karachi, Pakistan and am currently located... Read More

CaterpillHERs Freelance Career Accelerator Program in Canada

Welcome to the Freelance Career Accelerator Program in Canada by CaterpillHERS in partnership with MuslimMoms.Ca! What is CaterpillHERs? We are a digital learning platform and an accelerator that builds cohort-based... Read More

How to Teach our Kids Financial Realities

By Khaula Siddique As I sit here eating too much chocolate whilst scrolling through the dilemmas posted on the Muslim FB group I groan a little in sympathy with... Read More

Facing Work Challenges During Fasting

By Khaula Siddique The Blessed month of Ramadan is looked forward to and celebrated by Muslims all over the world, however it is not just festive, it is a spiritual... Read More

Top 8 Ways To Maximize Efficiency of Your Home Office

By: Samia Anwar Ever since the Novel Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, working remotely home has now become a new norm. Many people had to make an abrupt shift... Read More