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Sponsors of CAIC Mega Connector

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our mega sponsors for their generous support in making the CAIC Mega Connector event possible. Get to know our mega sponsors: SHAFAQ QURESHI... Read More

Shahir & Loblaws Introduce Four Distinctive Halal Meat Offerings

Exciting news for food lovers! Shahir, a rapidly growing Halal brand for packaged meat products, is teaming up with Loblaws to bring you some fantastic new sliced meat options. Together,... Read More

Shahir’s CSR Partnership with ICNA Relief and Nisa Homes – Cultivating Faith and Community Development

Shahir is more than just a name associated with premium Halal meat slices; its a symbol of unwavering commitment to not only culinary excellence but also to the well-being of... Read More

Shahir’s Premium Beef and Turkey-Based Proteins

At Shahir, we offer high-quality Halal products. Shahir not only meets the dietary needs of Muslim families but also fills a crucial gap in the market for authentic and easily... Read More

Shahir- Making Halal Food Choices A Priority

Providing Halal food choices of integrity and quality is essential for serving a diverse audience and respecting their cultural and religious preferences. This is where Shahir – the Canadian Halal... Read More

Discover 3 New Ways to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Things I’ve Learned as a Mom to find the Best Quran Teacher  My biggest fear is for my children to grow up without knowing Quran. What kind of Muslim parent... Read More

Weecommerce: Encouraging women to take their business online

By Nida Khan Empowering women to reach their full potential is one of the most powerful ways to work towards gender equality. Women-led businesses have been performing really well in... Read More

Featured Business: Cakes + Taste

Cakes + Taste is a home-based cake shop in Mississauga showcasing wonderful desserts and baked treats with a focus on great quality. Cakes + Taste offers a wide range of... Read More

Featured Business: Decarlo Matano

DecarloMatano is a handmade online small business that specializes in crocheted baby bottle covers and baby bandana bibs. Natalie Matano is both a mother and grandmother and is the crafter... Read More

Promote Your Brand with Us!

Are you an entrepreneur with a product or service? Reach new potential clients through our newsletter! We have over 2000 dedicated subscribers and our list is steadily growing! Did you... Read More