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Creative Corner: Easy Summer Scene Watercolour

By Khaula Siddique Take a little creative break as a form of self-care! Paint along with this step-by-step YouTube tutorial to create a nostalgic summer evening scene in watercolour. You... Read More

Must See Rumi Exhibition!

By Khaula Siddique I have never been to Aga Khan Museum, a shame I admit, however, I have rectified that! I visited the newly opened Rumi exhibit this last Sunday... Read More

Creative Corner: Painting Eid Cards!

By Khaula Siddique Are you done getting your Eid gifts ready? Still have some things to get done? How about handmade Eid cards? The best thing about creating your own... Read More

Self-Care: Take a Creative Break!

By Khaula Siddique Art is good for you! Research shows that art is good for mental health, everyone should have a creative hobby to help them unwind from their stressful,... Read More

Ramadan Banner Workshop

Did you miss the online workshop to create your own “Welcome Ramadan” banner? No worries, follow along with your kids to create one with the step-by-step video on YouTube! A... Read More

Events: Craft Workshop: Create a Welcome Ramadan Banner!

  Interactive Workshop for Moms and Kids: Let’s create a banner to welcome in Ramadan! Organized:  CAIC and Nida Aman from the Crafty Soul Date: Friday, March 3rd, 2023 Time:... Read More


By Beenish Mahmood WHAT IS A VISION BOARD? We all set goals but staying focused to accomplish goals is not something easy. A Vision Board is a popular method for... Read More

Keeping the Kids Engaged in Winter Vacation

By Khaula Siddique Most of us look forward to winter vacation and what it brings, sleeping in and not packing lunchboxes-why is the lunchbox the hardest meal to plan? However,... Read More

Getting Your Garden Ready for the Fall and Winter

By Khaula Siddique I love the changing seasons; each season has a special feeling and atmosphere. I feel like Fall is a time to start slowing down, take walks wearing... Read More

Featured Business: Cakes + Taste

Cakes + Taste is a home-based cake shop in Mississauga showcasing wonderful desserts and baked treats with a focus on great quality. Cakes + Taste offers a wide range of... Read More