Cakes + Taste is a home-based cake shop in Mississauga showcasing wonderful desserts and baked treats with a focus on great quality. Cakes + Taste offers a wide range of custom-made cakes to create unique designs for Birthdays, Weddings, Baby showers, Corporate events and other special occasions. They also bake a selection of Cup Cakes, Cake Pops, Desserts, Cookies and other baked goods.

Please Tell Us About Yourself!
My name is Raaela Khalid. I am from Lahore, Pakistan and currently reside in Mississauga, Ontario.

What is Your Business?
I own a business called Cakes+Taste which  I started in 2010 after taking some certificate courses in baking and decorating from downtown Toronto and then I polished my skill gradually by taking some other professional courses in cake decorating such as Wilton and PME. Our products are freshly baked with quality ingredients from scratch and we dont compromise on that!

What are the Inspirations & Motivation Behind Your Work?
The main reason behind my business is to give 100% halal products to consumers so they can buy without any doubt or issues which were difficult to find personally, as a Muslim immigrant after landing in Canada.
Secondly, I have had a passion for baking from a young age so I have longtime experience in the field and as it is a home-based business, it gives me the opportunity to balance my work and family life.

What Are Your Goals?
To become a well-known baker and cake decorator in town and to build trust and honest relationships with my customers so they can have quality products at a reasonable price.

What Challenges Have You Faced and Overcome?
The first and biggest challenge as a home-based business is to attract customers. By posting advertisements on social media and verbally advertising my business I was able to find a plethora of customers.
The second challenge is the price which reflects the quality ingredients we use. But with experience from both the consumers and myself, I was able to manage reasonable prices for each of my products.

How Has the Experience Been?
Alhamdulillah, Cakes+Taste serves a variety of cakes, pastries and baked good products and has had a really positive response from customers which motivates us to maintain our quality and taste.

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Here are some beautiful cakes made on order…