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What’s the Rudest Thing You Have Ever Been Asked?

By Khaula Siddique We have all had experiences where we have had to deal with rude people either making an insensitive comment or asking a question that crossed a boundary... Read More

Events: The Seven Habits of Mindful Muslim Marriages

The Seven Habits of Mindful Muslim Marriages Organized:  MuslimMoms.Ca Workshop Instructors: Saadia Khan and Ramsha Sohaib Dates: Saturday, November 26th, 2022 Times: 11 am – 1 pm Venue: Online Event Page:... Read More

Advice to Women Facing a Divorce

By Khaula Siddique We are really saddened by the increasing number of posts sent in concerning the deterioration of marriages. But this is the unfortunate reality of things in this... Read More

Intentional Parenting – An Islamic Perspective Workshop

Title: “Intentional Parenting – An Islamic Perspective” Workshop Organized by: MuslimMoms.Ca Conducted by: Saadia Khan from Strong Muslimah Life Coach Venue: Online via Zoom Cost: Free Date: Tuesday August 23,... Read More

They’re Not Like Us – How Our Emotional Thoughts Create Our Experience

by Hanifa Menen Our thoughts actually create our experience! This video will show you how our minds create our experience in our homes, with our extended families and with our... Read More

Building Relationships using the 5 Love Languages

By Arshiya Ismail What is a Love Language and why the big fuss about it? A love language describes how a person likes to receive and express love. A couple... Read More

Family Drama – Understanding and Improving Communication

by Hanifa Menen Family drama is so fun to watch in a sitcom, isn’t it? Often not as fun when we notice the drama in our own families. Regardless of... Read More

Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day

By Beenish Mahmood Although many of us celebrate Father’s Day, we may not know the real history behind this day and tradition. For kids, Father’s Day is a day to... Read More

Discover Habits for Your Happiness Workshop

Title: “Discover Habits for Your Happiness” Workshop Organized by: MuslimMoms.Ca Conducted by: Saadia Khan from Strong Muslimah Life Coach Venue: Skywards Business Center, Mississauga Date: Sunday June 26, 2022 Time:... Read More

Four Simple Tips for Building a Happier Life

By Sadia Khan When you think of building a happier life, what do you think of?  Grand vacations? A trip to the spa? A shopping day with unlimited funds? These... Read More