by Hanifa Menen

Family drama is so fun to watch in a sitcom, isn’t it? Often not as fun when we notice the drama in our own families. Regardless of how big/small the family, over times we figure out the role each person plays. There is often the critical one, the supportive one, the yeller, the moody one, the angry one… and if we look very closely, we have felt like each of these too whether in our own minds or out loud verbally, and sometimes through our behaviors. Still, as “roles” we notice these in others.

So many start looking at family influences or experiences that have shaped their own emotional patterns and this is very good. Good for our understanding of ourselves. Maybe we have been blamed, not understood, not supported or have just felt not noticed. And then we can work to heal these patterns in ourselves. In this video, I will suggest 3 simple areas to help any person begin to heal through healthier patterns of thought and action:

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