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Five Ways to Instill Islamic Values In Our Children

By Sehrish Hanif In this present year, we are coming across multiple concerns regarding kids education and awareness about special subjects which we are observing in the public schools and... Read More

Discover 3 New Ways to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Things I’ve Learned as a Mom to find the Best Quran Teacher  My biggest fear is for my children to grow up without knowing Quran. What kind of Muslim parent... Read More

Intentional Parenting – An Islamic Perspective Workshop

Title: “Intentional Parenting – An Islamic Perspective” Workshop Organized by: MuslimMoms.Ca Conducted by: Saadia Khan from Strong Muslimah Life Coach Venue: Online via Zoom Cost: Free Date: Tuesday August 23,... Read More

They’re Not Like Us – How Our Emotional Thoughts Create Our Experience

by Hanifa Menen Our thoughts actually create our experience! This video will show you how our minds create our experience in our homes, with our extended families and with our... Read More

Family Drama – Understanding and Improving Communication

by Hanifa Menen Family drama is so fun to watch in a sitcom, isn’t it? Often not as fun when we notice the drama in our own families. Regardless of... Read More

How to Help our Children Overcome Daily Challenges

By Farozan Warsi The children are back in school after March break, navigating between in person and virtual learning as well as vacations. Some older ones are vaccinated; others still... Read More

Learn to be Confident for Success in Your Life

By Kim Ali If you had the CONFIDENCE to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? Everyone loves to have confidence, but it is not easy to come by.... Read More

Why do we need emotional intelligence?

By Zahra Abbas The likelihood is that we have heard the term IQ growing up in our lives and most of us have succumbed to the idea that we won’t... Read More

How to Raise our Children to Embrace Diversity

By Farozan Warsi The beautiful Afzaal family was laid to rest on Saturday, 12th June, 2021 in London, Ontario. To Allah we belong and to Him we return! The battle... Read More

Four ways to Help Our Children Cope with Emotions

By Farozan Warsi My grandson, 5 years and some, walked into the house looking decidedly downcast. He did not respond to my queries about why he was out of sorts.... Read More