by Hanifa Menen

Our thoughts actually create our experience! This video will show you how our minds create our experience in our homes, with our extended families and with our interaction and perception of the world around us. As we look for differences between us, we raise ideas of mis-trust, fear and worry. Today, as we are seeing a sharp rise in cases of anxiety and depression, we can look at some of the thinking patterns that are creating this experience in children, teens and adults.
As we look for similarities between humans we build the energy of trust, kindness, gentleness, compassion and love. This energy is great to begin within ourselves individually, and then to share with our families and with the world. Do you know about the feelings within yourself that are contributing to your experience? Take a look at this video to get some ideas to think about, to help you improve your emotional health and your life experience!

About the Author

Hanifa Menen works as Grief Recovery and Brain Re-Training Guide at; Contact her at; she is a former Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Ontario, Canada for 21 years!