By Sehrish Hanif

In this present year, we are coming across multiple concerns regarding kids education and awareness about special subjects which we are observing in the public schools and in our surroundings. This is no doubt an alarming situation for all of us and particularly our next generation. Hence, at the same time we can take it as an opportunity and work really hard for our families. Why do I consider Canada as an opportunity for Muslim Moms? As Muslim population is increasing drastically here, and most of the immigrants come here for higher education for their kids, not only world best universities exist in Canada but Muslim Scholars and availability of Islamic work is also outclass particularly at ISNA. It’s a blessing that our kids have such opportunities and they can view the world in all perspectives, they are observing diverse cultures and people, even they are offering Friday Prayer at schools, in such kind of environment they can easily differentiate their deen with others, they can learn more, they can take more initiatives and brilliant ideas. Our collective efforts can make it possible to figure out what best we can do and how to cope up with recent challenges.

I would recommend some basic points, if we do practice it we can feel the difference day by day in our lives.

  1. Basic Knowledge

From the beginning, we have to work on our basics, read books or get knowledge from different videos, for instance Dr Nauman Ali Khan and Mufti Menk videos will definitely increase our knowledge about Quran and Sunnah and we can transfer that to kids. Very fundamental concept is introduction to Allah, power of Allah, concept of Tawheed and how magnificent Allah is. We can start by reading the meanings of Surah Al A’la, Surah Al Rehman and Ayat Al-Kursi (The Verse of the Throne).

  1. Tawakul:

Basically, Tawakkul “Trusting in God’s plan” is that first element which we need to pour into ourselves. When we work hard and put trust in Allah, Allah grants us what we need. It’s a very powerful way to free our minds of worldly worries, as well as showing our profound belief in the Divine providence. Remember, when Musa (AS) was asked to perform a trick in front of real magicians and stick turned into a real snake (Al- A’raf 7:117). Believe me, he didnt know what was going to happen or how, but he did his best and relied on his Lord.

  1. Routine Session with Kids:

Transferring knowledge does not mean we have to do a proper class session with our kids, it can be a random session any time of the day when children are fresh and ready to listen and accept the knowledge but the focus here is “daily”. Sometimes we can do writing sessions, at times telling small concepts and sometimes we can show them videos and watch together. For example, this is Muharram month (1st month of the Islamic Calendar), we can talk about the significance of this sacred month.

  1. Social Circle:

Spending some time in the evenings with family and friends as it makes us stress free and by sharing common thoughts and interests we feel better and relax. Our children can play together with their new and old friends, and we can build our relationship with the community. This is a real blessing if you have good people in your surroundings to spend some time with them in the evenings. Just expand your circle and start chatting after Salam and greetings.

  1. Weekend Class:

Be part of Islamic class on the weekdays or weekends – at least twice or once in a week- with your family. I am sure it will make us forget about our daily routine and focus on learning new and essential concepts which are indispensable to live a cherished life. There are plenty of programs offered in MNN Masjid for all age groups like youth programs, family programs as well as summer camps according to different age groups of children.

Overall, Muslim moms are highly motivated and doing great jobs. With this positive energy and attitude they can change the world.

About the Author

Sehrish Hanif, Hafiz-e-Quran, has learned the Quran with translation and Tafseer, and is now teaching to kids with Tajweed on different platforms and planning to teach in MNN Masjid (Mississauga- Canada). She has done her research thesis on Microfinance Institutions of Pakistan and published an article. Her keen interest is in contributing to the community as well as Sadaqah Jariyah for her mother.