At Shahir, we offer high-quality Halal products. Shahir not only meets the dietary needs of Muslim families but also fills a crucial gap in the market for authentic and easily accessible Halal food options. Our unwavering commitment to Halal integrity ensures that customers can have full confidence in the products they choose from Shahir.

Shahir is a brand built on trust, showing deep respect for cultural and religious preferences within the community. Trust is a cornerstone of our customer relationships, including those with individuals and organizations that value and uphold cultural and religious sensitivities. This approach fosters a harmonious and inclusive environment, helping us build stronger connections and a sense of belonging within the community we proudly serve.


At Shahir, we take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality, halal beef and turkey-based protein options to meet the dietary needs of Muslim families in Canada. Our products are crafted with the utmost care and attention to ensure they are not only delicious but also nutritious, fully cooked, and incredibly convenient for your busy lifestyle.

Product Line Up

1- Beef Salami

By providing halal-certified beef salami, were expanding your selection of premium, high-quality meats, and offering customers the opportunity to enjoy this traditional favorite while adhering to their dietary preferences and requirements.

2- Beef Pepperoni

Adding Beef pepperoni is a flavorful choice. Beef pepperoni is a versatile ingredient that can be used in various dishes. It’s a popular and savory option, providing customers with a delicious and halal-certified alternative for their culinary creations.

3- Beef Franks

Beef franks are a classic and beloved choice, and offering them as part of your halal product range can be a great option to cater to a wider audience of meat lovers. Whether for grilling, barbecues, or simply enjoying as a quick and tasty meal, beef franks are a versatile and popular choice that can complement your existing offerings.

4- Turkey Breakfast Strips

Turkey breakfast strips can indeed be a rare find, especially when it comes to halal options. Offering halal-certified turkey breakfast strips can be a valuable addition to cater to the dietary preferences and requirements of Muslim consumers. It’s an opportunity to provide a unique and sought-after product in the market.

5- Halal Snacks – Beef Jerky

Introducing the first-ever Halal Beef Jerky in Canada, available in two delicious flavors, alongside our unique Turkey Snack Sticks in a spicy variation. These innovative halal snacks provide a one-of-a-kind taste experience that you won’t find elsewhere in the market.

6- All Turkey Snack Sticks

Turkey Snack Sticks can be a good choice for snacking or as a component of a well-balanced, healthy diet. These snack sticks are made exclusively from 100% halal ingredients, free from any artificial flavors, gluten, or lactose. They boast a delightful natural smokiness in their flavor profile and are fully precooked for your utmost convenience.

Key Benefits

Lets delve deeper into the key benefits of natural wood-smoke, hand-slaughtered, gluten-free & lactose-free options, and the absence of artificial flavors in our protein food, emphasizing how these elements contribute to a healthy and safe product:

1- Authentic Flavor with Natural Wood Smoke

Our natural wood smoke imparts a unique, authentic smoky flavor to our protein foods, enhancing their overall taste in a way that artificial additives cannot replicate. Whether its the hearty smokiness in our barbecued meats or subtle wood-fired notes in our dishes, it guarantees an exceptional culinary experience.

2- Halal-Certified through Halal Slaughtering

Hand slaughtering aligns with Islamic dietary laws (halal), assuring our Muslim customers that our production respects their religious beliefs. It reflects our dedication to providing food that not only tastes great but also meets their specific dietary requirements.

3- Dietary Inclusivity with Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free Options

Our gluten-free and lactose-free options cater to dietary restrictions, allowing all to enjoy our protein foods without compromising health. We believe in providing flavorful and nutritious meals for everyone.

4- Health-focused by avoiding Artificial Flavors

We exclude artificial flavors to prioritize health and safety. We believe in letting natural ingredients shine, ensuring our products are delicious and free from harmful chemicals, and promoting healthier choices for our customers.

5- Quality Assurance at Every Step

High-quality standards are integral to our process. We source the finest ingredients and conduct rigorous quality checks, ensuring a product that consistently meets our exacting standards. Its our unwavering commitment to delivering the best for our customers.

Cooking Instructions

For your convenience, each product comes with easy-to-follow heating instructions to ensure a delicious and safe meal.

Discover the Shahir Difference

Experience the quality, convenience, and flavor that set Shahirs beef and turkey-based proteins apart. We are dedicated to providing you with wholesome, halal-certified options that you can feel good about eating.

Make Shahir your trusted choice for premium beef and turkey-based proteins. Elevate your dining experience with us today!