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Spilling Some Tea!

By Khaula Siddique The CAIC and Muslim team had the pleasure of attending Nisa Homes Spill the Tea in Wonderland networking event this last Sunday and it was such... Read More

Celebrating Yourself!

By Khaula Siddique With the New Year we all tend to make resolutions and goals to work towards and that is great, but it is very important to celebrate everything... Read More

Awakening: What Does This Mean and Are You Experiencing Your Own Wake-Up Call?

By Hanifa Menen Many people have heard of the term “awakening” these days as it is being spoken about more and more since many people are consciously experiencing this psychological... Read More


By Farozan Warsi I begin with a disclaimer today. This is a slightly sensitive topic and it is possible that many people might not agree with me or have a... Read More

Muslim Therapists in the Community

By Khaula Siddique Recently a group member asked for assistance in the Muslim Moms Facebook Group. She wanted to compile a list of Muslim therapists to share with the community.... Read More

Advice to Women Facing a Divorce

By Khaula Siddique We are really saddened by the increasing number of posts sent in concerning the deterioration of marriages. But this is the unfortunate reality of things in this... Read More

Emotions Shape Us and the World Around Us Too 

By Hanifa Menen   Do you notice the emotions that people are carrying with themselves? Do you know what kinds of emotions you are carrying and sharing with those around... Read More

They’re Not Like Us – How Our Emotional Thoughts Create Our Experience

by Hanifa Menen Our thoughts actually create our experience! This video will show you how our minds create our experience in our homes, with our extended families and with our... Read More

Five Fundamentals for Starting Your Health Journey

By Hira Mushtaq Your health journey starts when you realize that you have to be in charge of your health and let’s be honest starting this journey can be overwhelming.... Read More

Family Drama – Understanding and Improving Communication

by Hanifa Menen Family drama is so fun to watch in a sitcom, isn’t it? Often not as fun when we notice the drama in our own families. Regardless of... Read More