By Hira Mushtaq

Your health journey starts when you realize that you have to be in charge of your health and let’s be honest starting this journey can be overwhelming. We start with google and we find ourselves in midst of information and we don’t know where to start? What information you can trust? what is the first step you need to take?

Your health journey will take your time, money and energy. Knowing the things that can help you to nourish your body and start your healing journey can make this journey easy and set you up for success. And when you start feeling better all of your investment pays off.

In this post, I am going to shed light on the fundamental things that you need to work on when you start your health journey.

Positive Mind-Set

The most important thing when it comes to healing is to have a positive mindset and belief that you can heal.

Believing that Allah is The Healer and He can heal you.

Having a positive mindset also means knowing the reason, why are you trying to change your ways? Are you eating a certain way or exercising excessively because you love yourself or out of shame, guilt and to make others happy?

Your body transforms better when you surround yourself with positivity.

Nutrient-dense foods

Food serves as fuel for our bodies, it is more than just calories. Our bodies need nutrients to perform its day to day functions. Food that is full of empty calories like all processed food made of white flour, sugars do not give any nutrients rather they deprive the body of nutrients. Nutrient-dense foods include Meat especially organs meat, poultry, eggs, wild fish, root vegetables, raw milk, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Lifestyle changes

Simple lifestyle changes can bring a huge impact on your health. Observing a particular sleep routine, moving your body every day other than your daily chores like walking outside, walking barefoot, light exercise, yoga. Waking up early and seeing the sunrise helps to sync with your circadian rhythm. Eating mindfully. These are some very basic things but they can do wonders for your health if done on regular basis.

Dealing with emotions

This is the most neglected part of healing. Most of the time on our healing journey we dont pay attention to stress, emotional blocks, traumas, depression and anxiety. Figure out the negative emotions that are draining you and work towards managing them with different modalities like meditation, prayers, seeing experts, and breath work.

You could be eating the healthiest food on the earth but if you are dealing with stress and stuck emotions, your healing journey will slow down.


Supplements play an important role to fill the nutrient deficiencies and speeding up the healing journey but they should be taken for a short period and after consulting with a health practitioner. Consult with a health practitioner to know what therapeutic supplements your body needs. Avoid synthetic supplements, and opt for whole foods supplements whenever possible.

On your journey to health, it is important to address all these areas at some point or other. The healing journey will be different for everyone but as long as you focus on these basics you will see positive changes in your health Insha’Allah.

I wish you all a great start on this journey. Reach out for any questions via email at


About the Author

Hira Mushtaq is a clinical nutritionist. She helps women with hypothyroidism and digestive issues to eliminate their fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, lose weight and balance their hormones. She believes every individual is different and has different symptoms and goals to improve their physical and emotional health. There is no “one-size-fits-all” nutrition plan. She works with you to figure out the root cause of your health issues and help you to achieve your goals with diet and lifestyle changes.