Title: “Discover Habits for Your Happiness” Workshop
Organized by: MuslimMoms.Ca
Conducted by: Saadia Khan from Strong Muslimah Life Coach
Venue: Skywards Business Center, Mississauga
Date: Sunday June 26, 2022
Time: 11 am – 1 pm
Registration: E-transfer $15 to muslimmomsca@gmail.com

We invite you to a motivational workshop on “Discovering Habits for Your Happiness” conducted by Sadia Khan from Strong Muslimah Life Coach.

Sadia Khan is an certified educator, curriculum developer, writer and certified professional life coach specializing in helping Muslim women live their fullest, most authentic lives. Taking a faith-based holistic approach that emphasizes building internal strength, her work touches on all aspects of female wellness including but not limited to: finding a sense of personal fulfillment, healing through nutrition and exercise, strategies for stress reduction, building a mindful marriage, engaging in intentional parenting or navigating life after divorce. She is also interested in helping women build a ‘beautiful family culture’ and draws upon her own extensive experience managing a busy household of 8 with kids ranging in age from 1 through 16. In her limited free time, Sadia likes to read, write, dabble in poetry and practice yoga. She also enjoys the outdoors and has engaged in just about every adventure sport you can think of. She shares her experiences on Instagram: @strongmuslimah_lifecoach.

In this workshop we will be discovering habits that can bring you peace and happiness:
Physical Habits  
  • Sleep,
  • Nutrition  and
  • Movement
Spiritual Habits 
  • Relationship with Allah
  • Gratitude
Emotional Habits  
  • Doing things to fill your cup
  • Making time for rest, renewal & joy
Relational Habits  
  • Choosing our people wisely
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Pouring from a cup that is full