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Eating Clean on Vacation

By Paige Aziz Whether road tripping around the country or jet setting to exciting places, it can be challenging to stay on track when it comes to maintaining your clean eating... Read More

Make Money by Cooking at Home!

Turning your cooking passion into an online business can indeed be an exciting venture that you can start from the comfort of your home. With the rise of online platforms,... Read More


Dear ladies, so you think you can cook? Lets find out! We are excited to announce our RAMADAN RECIPE CONTEST this year! We are bringing you a fun contest to... Read More

Transitioning into Winter Season

By Hira Mushtaq Winter is the season of dormancy. If we look at nature, plants shed their leave so they need to expend less energy to stay alive, many animals... Read More

Nabeedh – Energy Drink for Ramadan

By Nida Khalid Nabeedh was the favorite drink of Prophet Muhammad (P.B-U.H) It was one of the drinks consumed by our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). In his time it was made of... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Salad Medley

By: Samar Shiraz Salads are a must have addition to any meal whether it is lunch or dinner. Not only are they delicious, they are also very healthy. Today we... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Szechwan Sauce with Meat balls

By: Samar Shiraz Szechwan cuisine or Szechuan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan Province. It has bold spicy flavours, created by using garlic and chili peppers.... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Aa’sh e Reshtey Soup for Sahoor or Iftar

By: Chef Marzia Shamsi As we all know that the holy month of Ramadan has arrived I thought why not share this amazing recipe i grew up eating that comes... Read More

Ramadan Recipes and Grocery Shopping with Taza Food Products

Watch the video as the MuslimMoms.Ca team discusses *what recipes we have in store for you this Ramadan, *how to make your grocery shopping a breeze, *where to find the... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Turkey Kibbeh Meatball Spaghetti

By Chef Marzia Shamsi This post has been sponsored by Canadian Turkey #TryTurkeyToday This turkey kibbeh meatball spaghetti recipe is a winner. It’s juicy, aromatic & has pasta – I... Read More