By Nida Aman

Summer is finally here and we cant wait to welcome it! It’s the perfect time to open your windows and let the wind bring freshness inside your home. Don’t forget to clean your windows unless you want to miss the magical natural light. Now you can bask in the sun and rely less on indoor lighting. Let us discover some fun ways to welcome and enjoy summer to the fullest!

Hang a welcome summer wreath

You can get a floral wreath from a local store or give your creative side a boost and do a DIY summer wreath to welcome the summer season. You can also focus on your front porch to make an exciting entrance. Solar light lamps are always trendy and pocket friendly. They tend to create an extra ordinary presence.

Makeover your backyard

Spruce up your backyard within your budget by simply doing DIY projects. No matter if your backyard is big or small. Clean and wash your backyard. Throw away all the old wilting plants and accessorize your backyard with colorful planters, creative walkways and birdbath fountains. If you have a wooden deck, just decorate it using beautiful string lights.

Get your hands on a grill

Summers are meant for family gatherings and friend meet-ups. Instead of using your kitchen stove or oven, marinate meat and vegetables and throw them on the grill. You can always carry your portable grill to the park and beach as well. You can enjoy healthy meat and vegetable lunches under the sun.

Go on a walk

You can work on your fitness in the summer as it is easy to spend time outdoors. With extra day light and warm sunshine, you get a chance to fulfill your hobbies and interest. Go on a nature walk, admire flowers, indulge in bird watching and relish the beautiful scenery.

Breakout the patio

Give your patio a chic look and put out the best patio furniture to make it stand out. You can also focus on your front porch to make an exciting entrance. Now you can entertain guests outdoors and they will enjoy the weather on your comfortable furniture.

Grow plants and herbs

Summer season is the best when it comes to growing plants and herbs. Longer days provide an opportunity to spend time in your backyard. Growing your own plants and herbs in not only a great way to pass some time but you can always save some money in the long run. Don’t worry if you don’t have a yard, you can take small pots and can grow some herbs and tiny vegetables. How about some green beans and cucumbers?

About the Author

Nida Aman is the associate editor of MuslimMoms.Ca blog. She is an educationist, a small business owner and a blogger. Her passion for life style blogging keeps her on toes all day.  Her favorite slogan is: Live life like you mean it.