Eds Note April

We’re still awaiting Spring here in Toronto. Weather, that capricious friend friend of ours, teased us with a fleeting hint of Spring before bringing more snow with a polar vortex our way. In a way it is quite apropos of this month’s theme here at MuslimMoms.ca. Have you guessed it yet?

This month, April, is dedicated to toddlers! Yes, those little beings who have us wrapped around their chubby little fingers, throw a tantrum at the drop of a toy and then, just as the sky clears up after a thunderstorm, reward us with the most beatific of smiles.

Parenting is never an easy journey, and as your little own starts to grow and become into his own person, what ensues is a battle of wills. You can’t reason with a two year old, and his or her reasons to want anything will defy all logic, time and safety concerns. Most parents will have this caveat to share with new parents, enjoy the infant years, troublesome twos cometh!

They will want things at odd times, things they have no business playing with, cry because they’re so tired they don’t want to take a nap, and then cry when woken up from their nap. If anyone’s ever come up with a sure-fire list of things to keep a toddler happy, well, we don’t know of it as yet! However we believe in learning from sharing and that’s what we’ll do.

This month, we have lined up articles from our team of writers, seasoned mothers all, who share how they meandered through toddler years. Everyone has different circumstances and no two children are the same, even when they’re twins. What we can take away from the experiences of our writers are small lessons we can adapt to suit our needs. Toilet training, attending weddings with little ones in tow, or even showing enough courage to go to the Jumuah prayers with them, our moms have been there, and done that.

We will also be sharing fun activity ideas to keep them busy and of course have special recipes that are sure to appeal to the most fussy of eaters, so keep reading and do share how you fared through your child’s toddler years.

The joy, the tears, each day once past, is memorable, let’s make merry memories this April.

Salam Alaikum!