By Khudaija Nagaria

Peshawar December 2014

December 16th, 2014 was just like another day,
When a tragedy shook Pakistan, it brought dismay!

Boys went to school but didn’t come back!
Such was the barbarous, heinous attack!

Young children; lively, beautiful and gay
Didn’t know that this would be their last day!

“This is revenge,” said the terrorists,
While they killed and butchered the protagonist!

The Army that safeguards us with their lives,
Had to pay alone for their patriotic strive!

Our Ummah needs to realize the need of repentance,
We surely have become a people of negligence!

Innocent lives will continue to be lost otherwise,
If we do not return to our Prophet’s advice!

Oh people of the nation, Oh Ummah in general,
Turn to Qur’an and Sunnah, consider them vital!

There’s no other hope for rescue, no other way,
May Allah swt guide us and stop us from going astray!


About the author:

Khudaija Nagaria is a teacher by profession and a student of theDeen. She also has an MBA but focuses on freelance writing for Islamic websites and magazines. She is also the Contributing Editor at Muslimaat Magazine. Khudaija prays that her writing be a means of sadaqa e jaariyah for her parents, Aameen.