Muslim Moms of Canada 2015



We started out in May last year and Alhamdulillah, 2014 had been really good for us at

We have many new and exciting things planned ahead for this year and we hope our fans and friends can join us as we chart through these coming months.

Starting this January, you will find some changes and additions to the website.

Firstly, our team has grown. New team members means new ideas and that is always welcome.

This year we will be working on monthly themes for all our articles. January has been marked as the month of Positivity – it’s a fresh start, a new year and we all want, hope and pray for the best in the coming days. You will find this uplifting spirit in all of our articles for this month.

We are also very pleased with the mascot and our resident voice of reason, Sister Sensible. You can be sure to see a lot of her, and read much of her witty wisdom this year.

Sister Sensible

If you have not liked our Facebook fanpage yet, make sure you do because we have quite a few contests and giveaways waiting for their turn.

The page is also where we post announcements of any events and get-togethers that we host. (Read our event reports here.)

And last, but most important of all, we are looking at your contributions, input and feedback to make this place better, livelier and more meaningful. is the voice of all mothers, the more the merrier, we say, so reach out to us with your ideas.

You can contribute articles, participate in our photo contests, or just hang out with other Muslimah’s on our discussion boards.

We hope to have a great year ahead and wish the same to you!