By Aminah Ahmed

MyVoice’s motto is ‘Empowering the Muslim youth creatively while learning and teaching our deen.’

MYVoice is a non-profit Muslim youth magazine entirely written and published by Muslim youth. The publication hopes to inspire Muslim youth to gain confidence in their identity as Muslims growing up in Canada by letting them take the reins and finding the right path to success.

A little over a year ago, our current Editor-in-Chief and Mentor, Nargis Naqvi, realized that there were not enough opportunities for the Muslim youth to express their creativity and grow as confident individuals within society. She wanted to create an initiative for the youth to express themselves while using their faith to leave a positive impression in the world around them. Thus,  MYVoice came into being. MYVoice is a quarterly magazine with six publications out in the market so far, Alhamdulillah!

With over fifty members and a dedicated team of executives, MYVoice works hard to publish each and every issue. Young designers, illustrators, editors and writers all work together to create an exceptional magazine while the Executive team of youth make plans to take it further and make it better. Each quarter, 5000 copies are printed and distributed across the GTA in various libraries, coffee shops, mosques and university MSA’s.

MYVoice has also been present at various events such as MuslimFest, RIS, Muslimah sUnited, and Halal Food Fest. In May 2014, MYVoice hosted its first event on Mother’s Day and it was a rousing success. Titled ‘My Mother Tribute’ this ladies-only event featured a play, fashion show, free portraits by a professional photographer, sit down dinner, a bazaar, as well as speakers and performances by the youth. We have another in the pipeline for the coming year.

Each issue of the magazine focuses on different themes that are relevant to our youth and community. The first issue of the magazine focused on identity crisis, featuring articles such as; ‘Who am I really.’ This article took the readers on a journey with Zainab, a young grade 10 students who tries to discover who she is. The next issue focused on the idea of tolerance and patience, culture vs. identity, and proud to be me.

Through my experience working for MYVoice I have learned so much about myself. I have developed new skills that will remain with me for the rest of my life. I have been given the chance to experience new and challenging tasks that have prepared me for the future. MYVoice has helped me grow as a person, teaching me about effective communication and time management. I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people while working for MYVoice. Along with skill building, MYVoice has truly helped me find my voice, as clichéd as that sounds, it’s true. I enjoy knowing that I am part of something bigger than myself, I feel like I am contributing to the growth of the Muslim youth and our community. MYVoice works towards promoting positivity and creativity during a time where teens are facing a deficit within these two aspects of life.

I truly hope that our community can see the need for this amazing opportunity to empower the Muslim youth, build bridges with others and earn sadaqa-e-jaria by spreading the deen. You can support us today in one of the different ways below:

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  • Make Dua for our intentions, success and for our team of youth working so hard!

Thank you!

About the author:

Aminah Ahmed is a high school senior and an executive member of the publication.