Today we would like to share the very relatable story of  Sana Jabeen, who is a pharmacist, on how she dealt with post-partum depression. In her own words:

My name is Sana and this is my story of survival in Canada.

Before coming to Canada, I was working as senior Regulatory officer in a pharmaceutical company. But after my first baby I couldnt continue it out of love and quit my job happily and was loving every bit of it.

I came to Canada in 2016 with my husband and two kids at that time they were 4 and 9 months. We already have few good friends here. but we dont have relatives and If dont you have family, you miss them big time, especially on Eid and other occasions. After 1.5 years I was about to have another baby. Although it wasnt planned but it was a joyful moment for us because on my delivery my parents and in-laws visited me one by one. Alhamdulillah but as they left, I started feeling lonely and worthless, at that point postpartum depression hit me very hard. I was a whole new person I could not understand myself let alone my family. It was so gloomy and dark. I did not leave any stone unturned to help cope with this depression. I have studied about depression during my academics but living with it, is another thing. Nothing works!

First thing I did was I started opening up about my depression with my family and my closest friends. That led me to re-evaluate myself. My husband helped me to learn driving. And to my surprise I made it on my 1st attempt Alhamdulillah. Then my Dad paid us a visit because he was very concerned about my health and he suggested that I should pursue my career. I have done quite a few jobs here and there but nothing full time, which i wasnt considering because of my young kids. Furthermore I was assuming that I could not get a job without going back to school or I could not pursue my career after such a long gap.

Anyways I started looking for a job and even to volunteer as well. The first thing I got was the volunteer opportunity with MuslimMoms.Ca, a helpful platform and free of any kind of negative vibes. Joining them i felt like home. During my training as a moderator I got to know Erum Zehra and Nida shakeel. I couldnt forget the day she came to meet me, theyre so understanding and full encouragement. Im forever thankful to both of them from my heart. This is now my new family in Canada.

Then I got my dream job offer, which changed my life. It wasnt just a job, its a life saver for me. I got too busy still i take out time to volunteer.

I sometimes volunteer at my job too like we have raised hefty funds for food bank and women shelter home and Im part of culture team too where I actively take part.

This whole process has taught me many lessons, and the most important one which I want to share with you all, is that, that everything is temporary, whether it is a feeling of joy or a grief, whether a success or a failure, everything is a different chapter of the book named LIFE.. so please keep your spirits high.. and keep reminding yourself “IT SHALL PASS”.

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