Today we would like to share the inspiring but heartbreaking story of our community member Marzia Rizvi, who is an expert chef, on how she dealt with the loss of her spouse. In her own words:

It has been 6 years since I lost my 34 year old husband Zoheb to pneumonia here in Toronto. Married for 8 years, I was busy taking care of my beautiful family like everybody else. I could never realize what was coming my way as we are never prepared for the worse. Being fully dependent on Zoheb it was hard to imagine that there could also be a possibility of a life ahead without him. Life was perfect and we had married young.

Zoheb worked really hard and had achieved a lot of success in such a young age. I couldn’t have been any prouder of him. I felt lucky for being a part of such an amazing journey with the world’s most amazing person. As soon as we had our babies i was busy with my full-time mommy duties.He would work from home & that made everything so much easier for us.
He was one of the most kindest, responsible, Intelligent, Handsome, loving & understanding soul in the universe. My best friend My confidant & My infinity & beyond. Words aren’t enough to express how much is he being missed everyday.

Being so vulnerable & young just at the age of 28 with kids 2 & 4 I had seen my world shatter right in front of my eyes. Until one day a voice from with in me while I was on my prayer mat at fajr, asked me to look at my babies & their innocent faces while they slept. As i turned towards them it was that very moment when my inner voice asked me: don’t they deserve much more than this? That’s when I decided it was time to build a future,a career for myself & my babies.I decided to be a professional Chef and enrolled myself in to this super amazing culinary school called Scafa in Dubai and graduated as a certified chef.

Packing up & heading back to Toronto was an emotional roller coaster. We came here and we found this beautiful tiny 1 bedroom apartment for us. We started from scratch and purchased furniture.Our family & friends helped us with little things like pots, pans & cutlery. It took us back to the time when my mom was in our Mississauga house packing my stuff as we were ready to repatriate my husband for his funeral in his home town. I can clearly remember her face she was packing & sobbing I believe no parent should ever see something like this. A beautifully done house that we had created by the hard work of Zoheb was gone & finished in no time. On the other hand was my Mom in law (Ammi) who had not seen Zoheb for almost 2 years and then when she did it was him & his coffin. Zoheb was the youngest of all & Ammi clearly couldn’t take the passing of her child & departed for her heavenly journey 6 months after Zoheb. It was hard I loved my mother in law my ammi as much as I love my mom. I miss her everyday but am satisfied she is in Jannah with Zoheb now.

A Family’s support means everything during such times & I will never in a million years be able to pay it back to all those who stood there giving us love,support & strength during the hardest times of our lives. I will forever remain grateful for it.

Its has been 5 years here to begin with & as I can say I have been lucky enough to be given this great opportunity to have met few of the most amazing kind & humble individuals around. One of them is Erum who just when I was starting off offered me to write food blogs for MuslimMoms.Ca as their official food editor. It really meant a lot, gave me so much confidence of exploring different aspects of being a chef & a living food encyclopedia. It has been a pleasure & gives me immense happiness to be a part of the moderators team even now for Muslim Moms of (Mississauga / Oakville &) all GTA.

It has been 4 years of me working in different Canadian Restaurants & working as a part time culinary instructor for a culinary school & culinary artist. This is just a part of fulfilling my husband’s dream of seeing me as a successful chef and it truly feels incredible. Insha Allah to many more dreams & aspirations this is just the beginning & sky is the limit. Both my kids now 12 & 8 are doing wonderful in their academics as well as learning to be stronger & independent individuals more over humble human beings like their “baba”. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than this.

To all people going through hardships in life always remember to believe that you can do it. You will overcome this as you were chosen for a reason. I believe we all are the heroes of our stories it takes time,strong faith, positive approach & patience for all things good. Eventually everything falls in place & so please never stop dreaming.

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