By Khaula Siddique

With the New Year we all tend to make resolutions and goals to work towards and that is great, but it is very important to celebrate everything you have already achieved! Most women tend to be cheerleaders for everyone but themselves and we really need to get into the habit of celebrating ourselves, it is part of self-care, and so important for mental and emotional well-being.

Muslim founder Erum Zehra asked this very important question in the community group, name one thing about yourself that you are really proud of (we want to celebrate it too!) and we want you to think about everything you have achieved and celebrate that! Maybe start a journal this year, add your goals and at the end of the day add your wins, things you are proud of about yourself and things you know others like about you. Whenever you are feeling down, go back and read it!

Here are some of the answers that came back from the group and we would love for you to add your comments to the discussion here: Name One Thing About Yourself That You Are Really Proud Of

Proud of Being Muslim!

Alhamdulillah we really are lucky and should be proud to be Muslim, let one of our goals be to always be a good example by doing (not judging!) and applying Islam to our everyday life. One of the most important aspects is to be a good neighbour and community member, kindness and empathy are the keywords! For example some ladies mentioned that they have a habit of forgiving, never backbiting, being sincere and being honest. Some ladies have also dedicated themselves to spreading the knowledge and teach Quran! And of course, there are more personal wins as well, waking up for Fajr and or Tahajud every morning, yes that is something to be so proud of!

Proud of Being Mom to a Special Needs Child

We know there are many members who are exceptional moms, and we really want to take a moment to celebrate them! It really takes a special kind of woman to fill this role, they are the quiet superwomen in our community! They are always sharing their knowledge and experience with others and we have seen their incredible patience and strength pushed to beyond the limits, we are all cheering for you!

Being Organized and On Time

I think this is a really important one, it solves so many issues and avoids a lot of chaos! It is also how to be a good community member or neighbour! Lets all try to be more organized and on time this year!


There is so much you can add to this list, we just arent brought up to celebrate ourselves the way boys are! Be proud of being a daughter, being a sister, being a mom, being a friend! Being there for someone is something to be proud of! Be proud of any job you do, it took effort and it took time, maybe it took a certain set of skills that you have, be proud of any hobby you have. Did you manage to fit in a walk or some other exercise? Celebrate that! Did you cook a delicious dinner? That is amazing! Did you manage to get through your day without losing most of your patience? That is a win! Celebrate the little things and watch bigger things come your way Inshallah!


About the Author

Khaula Siddique, artist at Khaula’s Art, has written for Dawn Pakistan and now paints stories on large walls. She loves bringing art to the community and achieves this through interactive art activities and public art projects. When she is not painting, she is over-indulging her large eccentric orange tabby who part-times as her critic and her muse. You can find her art shenanigans on her website, Khaula