On this Canada Day we asked some Muslim Moms what they love about Canada. Please find out more about them by clicking on the links in their names. Here is what they had to say:

Hina Syed

Ability to have basic necessities fulfilled in a place where it’s not limited.
Like unlimited supply of water & not run out. Or electricity.

I remember when I lived temporarily overseas in Egypt & Jordan these things are limited to water tanks to use per week And gas tanks to last per month or so for cooking. And the water tank if it’s empty and you’re in the middle of a shower you have to ask your kids to ask neighbors to borrow some water in buckets so you can rinse the soap off your hair and body.

So in Canada we take these things for granted:
Warm house with proper walls and protection from cold air outside.
AC, fans available or heating. Even to get electric heater for it as some places don’t.
Ability to have resources and education here and so many places it’s limited on the income you have.

Fatima Shahid

O Canada, I love you for being my home, your natural beauty, your diversity of culture, your compassionate leadership, your friendly & caring people, your unique cuisines, your maple syrup, your poutine, your wildlife, your hockey!

Khaula Mazhar

The natural beauty. The freedom. The security. The fun. The weather. The Tims, the timbits. The snow. The raccoons.

Beenish Mahmood

A country that welcomes freedom and individual rights, tolerates diverse races and cultures, offers high quality of living. People are always willing to help. Welcoming people who make you truly love this country.

Amna Ansari

The freedom, diversity, rights, citizens being taken care of.. I have lived my entire childhood here sure there were downs at times but when I look at the ups.. the negative doesn’t come close to it ?!! I met my husband here, had beautiful children here, family’s here.. so Alhumdulillah for everything Canada and for the opportunities we get to grow everyday!! Thank you?

Zeba Mateen

The best part about Canada is the access to free essential services like healthcare and education. People in other parts of the world have to pay huge amounts to access these basic services!
Besides that, the nature weather seasons are all so magnificent!
The inclusiveness for all kinds of people and vast awareness of mental health issues.
Finally, Justin Trudeau!

Nishi Khan

From our beautiful lush, green landscapes to our culturally diverse population!! Charter of rights and freedom and the most of all is a land of opportunity ????????

Mahzaib Ali

The diversity, acceptance and warm welcome. This country embraces you like a warm blanket on a snow day. I get the freedom to be the best version of myself and not get judged for it! For me it’s the people, rich culture and diversity! Matchless!

Canadian Ammi

After living in three countries, we finally nested and now call this great country our “home.” Canada, there are so many things that make you special and a million reasons why you are my one true love!
You welcomed us with open arms when we first landed on your shore. You provided us with immigrant services, prepared us for work and life and supported us to adjust.
My love grew as I watched in awe as the four seasons unfolded. My first snowfall, hot chocolate, Groundhog Day, spring rain, growing vegetables, backyard barbecues, splash pads, leaves changing colour & Tim Hortons pumpkin spice latte.
I love the access to free schools, the high quality and well-rounded education, promotion of inclusivity, diversity, rights, responsibilities, bilingualism and community participation.
There is beauty in every corner, scenic locations, National parks and heritage sites, historical buildings and breathtaking landscapes for the nature lover. I love the natural habitats, ecosystems, and the squirrel in my backyard, the beaver, moose and the goose. The picnic spots, biking tracks, libraries and community centers, trails, neighborhood parks make life fun and recreation a habit!
I love the tireless firefighters, the garbage and recycle trucks who take away our waste, the police who we don’t fear, standing in line, not honking while driving, care for the environment, the dedicated volunteers and friendly people.
Who doesn’t love the clean, fresh milk, locally grown and seasonal fruits and vegetables, the egg-cartons, maple syrup and poutine, ketchup chips, beaver-tails and Tim Hortons double-double.
I love that we have access to free health-care and not having to fear getting ill.
I love that my rights and responsibilities are protected by law, and I am valued and I truly have the right to be. I love having the right to vote and freedom to decide who will represent me. I love that we get back from the high taxes we pay. And finally, I love the fact that our country is being run by a well-balanced and inclusive leader.
This Canada day, we will be raising our red and white flag high and breathing in the fresh air of freedom in this great land.
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Faiza Kashif

Canada day is my day too, my kids love to celebrate both events together. Besides that Canada has provided me limitless opportunities to expand my home based business and the appreciation that I received is countless. I am happy to step in such a country where there is a huge amount of diversity who welcomes everyone with open arms.