Eds Note April 2015

We can’t believe we’re well into Spring, though the temperatures keep on defying the calendar!

April is a month that sees many wedding vows being exchanged. Family life is the core of any society and the basis of any family is the sacred bond of marriage. As women we all look forward to that one day where we will be the stars of our own fairy tales, when the world would revolve around us and all eyes will be on us; the day we get married. What looks like a seamless, perfect ceremony is seldom that though. A lot of research, searching, planning and tears go into executing the perfect dream wedding.

Weddings, weddings

So this month, April, we will be celebrating Weddings. A lot of us may already have passed the rites of passage and settled comfortably into our lives. Many still are thinking of taking the leap.

We draw on experts and experiences of Muslim Moms to share with our readers how to plan their wedding, or help a loved one see their dream wedding come true.

Who are wedding planners, what do they do and do you need one? How important is choosing the right venue for your wedding ceremony, and what bridal trends are en vogue? How do you choose the right makeup artist to doll you up? We have answers to all your urgent questions.

Not just about brides and grooms, we also have tips on how to make sure that your little ones don’t embarrass you much as you sit through a ceremony.

The birds and bees talk, don’t we all dread it? But we need to have that talk and a wedding may be the perfect segue to introduce this topic into conversation with the older children. (On a related note, read our on-going coverage of the new Health and Physical Education Curriculum here.)

And of course what is talk about weddings without some fond and funny memories gleaned from our team members?  We’ll be looking forward to funny anecdotes from your Big Day as well!

In Laws

In laws, the word instils fear and doubt among the best of us, but does it have to? Our contributors will be writing about how to deal with in laws, a note of loving advice for our future son/daughter in law and how multi-cultural weddings work.

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We look forward to an exciting month ahead of us, and warmer, sunnier climes so we can head out and soak in some sun!


 Image: 123RF