By Aaisha Zafar Islam

What to wear this spring

Snow’s melted and barring the occasional cold alert, it does seem that Spring is slowly marking its arrival in Canada, the #TrueNorth.

We all know why we get excited for this glorious weather, it’s time to head outdoors, enjoy nature in its full, verdant glory and finally shed all those bulky layers of clothing that see us through the winters!

Are you looking for some fresh Spring inspirations, deciding on what to keep and throw from your closet? Or taking out your wallet for a much needed trip to the mall? We have you covered, read on and learn what you need this season to stay on top of trends!

70’s are back

The 1970’s are back and with flares! Whether it is flared jeans and pants, fringed apparel or accessories, this Spring is seeing a major influence drawn from the bohemian vibe of the era.

Some of the notable trends that have made it to the high streets straight off the ramps include baggy fits instead of more tailored/skinnier ones, suede in its many variations and bucket bags, preferably fringed.

Spring trends: Flared Jeans

For the modest fashionista, this is great news as we can always look at loose fitting shift dresses and modify them as tops work with flared bottoms.

For the denim loving moms, jeans are back in favour! Stock up on them in different hues and washes, pair them with some bold patterned tunics and you are set for the school run!

Pattern Play

We think Miranda Priestly summed it up perfectly!

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

~ Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada

Do you really want to meld with the background when you head outdoors? Instead of going the most obvious route, experiment with other patterns, abstracts, monochromes, gingham, polka dots, animal prints, even plaid would look better than flowers across your skirt!

That being said, if you have to do floral, looks for prints that are more pastel based. And of course pleated maxi skirts never go out of style in a modest wardrobe.

Spring Trends: Pattern Play

Top Up

The easiest way to turn any pret purchase into modest wear is layering. We recommend that you invest in a well-tailored blazer or two in neutral colours for a more polished look. For times when you want to affect a more casual but put-together vibe, it’s hard to go wrong with a printed blazer. Again, there are numerous options and many mass retailers have embraced this trend. You can find blazers in many colours, designs and patterns everywhere. Just make sure that its fits well.

An added advantage of blazers is that they can double up as outerwear when it gets a bit chilly!

Spring Trends: Blazers

Kit up in a kimono

True 70’s spirit, kimonos are a flowy option that can take you from Spring to Summer and ‘modestify’ any top! We like the ease of throwing on a kimono atop whatever tee we have on, pairing it with a pair of flared jeans (of course) and heading out.

We know cardigans are a must-have for many Muslim moms, but try to step slightly out of your comfort zone and try on some kimono? You can also head out to a fabric store and attempt a DIY yourself!

Spring Trends: Kimono

So Suede

Shoes, bags and clothes too, faux and true, suede is back. If an all-out suede look is too much, accessorize. Try on suede footwear, or handbags.

Spring Trends: Suede footwear

Fringe benefits

Again, a hark back to the 70’s, fringe is in. It can be on your handbags, an accent on your booties, or a hemming on your favourite top/kimono. Fringe ups your fashion savvy!

Spring Trends: Fringe Benefits

Marsala – Pantone Colour of the Year

We can finally get to wearing colour. This year Marsala was announced as the Pantone Colour for 2015. It is a muddy red/wine colour, hard to describe in words but translates well into our daily wear.

Berry lips are also going to be a big trend this season and you can put on a swipe of lipstick, gloss, stain or balm in Marsala hue as a subtle nod to the colour. Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to apply it in its full intensity, a sheer finish looks equally flattering on most skin tones.

Marsala Pantone Colour Of The Year 2015

In terms of makeup, Marsala as a colour on the cheeks and eyes is more suited to night outs than daytime wear. Experiment a bit till you find what works for you.

Perhaps makeup is not your area, then accessorize (we can’t say this enough!) watches, sunglasses, jewelry, even a handbag. You don’t have to HAVE something in Marsala, but it’d be nice, that’s all we say!

Remember, it’s more about being comfortable and confident at the end of the day. Make trends work for you instead of working trends! Have fun, enjoy Spring and stay fabulous!

About the author:

Aaisha Zafar Islam is the Executive Editor of, she likes to stay on top of trends, but you wont find her decked to the nines. Her best accessories are her kids; they are one hard to miss style statement!