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Recipe of the Week: Aa’sh e Reshtey Soup for Sahoor or Iftar

By: Chef Marzia Shamsi As we all know that the holy month of Ramadan has arrived I thought why not share this amazing recipe i grew up eating that comes... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Chicken Cheese Kababs

By: Samar Shiraz These chicken cheese kebabs are savory, delicious and easy to make for a quick lunch that your kids will love. Ingredients 500gm chicken mince 1tbsp chopped onions... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Surf and Turf

By: Chef Marzia Shamsi Surf and turf or surf n turf is a main course combining seafood and red meat. A typical seafood component would be lobster, prawns, shrimp, squid... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Quick and Delicious Pan Seared Steak

By: Chef Marzia Shamsi   I love how few simple¬† recipes can end up looking like true masterpieces & a true work of art My 3 steps seared beef sirloin... Read More