By:Samia Anwar


This easy mouth-watering dish is my go-to recipe when I have company over. I like the fact that this dish just requires tossing some potatoes in the oven and great results are achieved with minimal effort. It doesn’t require cook top preparation especially when we are short on time and need to prepare multiple items at once. I simply cut the potatoes and leave the rest to the oven. Easiness of the recipe plus the simplicity of ingredients is another factor why I thoroughly love making it. Try it and make your crowd appreciate your efforts 😉

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: 40-45 mins

Serves 7-8 people


Medium-sized potatoes-10
Butter- half cup
1 teaspoon Black pepper
Salt to taste

Mozzarella cheese- 1 & a half cup or according to your taste.
Dried mint- Sprinkle a little


1) Peel the potatoes and cut them in small cubes (a little bigger than half an inch).
2) Wash and leave them in a strainer.
3) Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
4) Mix butter, salt, and pepper with potatoes in an oven-safe dish. Use butter instead of any other fat to achieve a creamy texture and taste.
5) Cover with aluminum foil tight and bake it for about 40 mins. Check after 20 mins and mix it really well until potatoes are tender. Cover tightly as the steam will help cook it faster.

6) Sprinkle mozzarella cheese, then a pinch of dried mint on top, broil for 2-3 mins(uncovered), and your mouth-watering dish is ready to serve.

About the Author:

Samia Anwar is a work from home mama turned into a Professional Organizer by choice. Her passion to help other women makes her write some useful tips to stay on top of clutter now and then. For ideas and inspirations, find her at Organized Habitat on Facebook and Instagram