By: Rumaisa Bilal

Being a homeschooler with young kids I try to prepare lessons to combine different topics in one activity per day. So as a unit study we decided to learn about different prophets and according to the story of the prophet we did some crafts with simple things present at home or can be found from the nearest dollar store. The purpose of sharing these little crafts with you guys is to never underestimate any small craft. I’m trying to show examples to teach young Muslims about Allah, His prophets, Quran, and small hadith Insha’Allah.

Young Muslims of today will be Alims of tomorrow Insha’Allah.


Prophet Dawood (A.S)

Prophet Dawood A.S was a Sheppard with a small stature. He killed the strongest man of the time, Goliath, who was wearing clothes of iron to protect himself, was killed in just one shot. Subhan Allah.  How did he do that? By saying the name of Allah (SWT). This story reminds children to understand the power of saying the name of Allah (SWT) before doing anything.

This activity is amazing to teach kids about archery. According to one Hadith, it is highly recommended by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to teach Muslim kids archery.

I made these pom poms using a fork and yarn.
For the catapult, all you need is some ice cream sticks and a rubber band. DONE.

Prophet Dawood (AS) had the most beautiful voice, Subhan Allah, and everything including birds and mountains used to recite with him “zaboor” the book of Allah.


Prophet Sulaiman (A.S)

What an ideal story to teach kids in spring and summertime. When the birds are flying freely you can increase the knowledge of kids by teaching them about the amazing prophet of Allah; Sulaiman (AS).

All you need is craft paper, scissors, and glue. Just cut the paper into 3 different sized strips and fold them as shown in the picture. Next, glue them together to make a bird. Choose any color papers that you want to make your bird.

The lessons we can learn from the story of Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) and the bird was that:

  • There is Only 1 human who was capable of talking with birds and that was Prophet Sulaiman (A.S)

  • Birds also worship Allah alone.

  • Allah accepted the dua of Prophet Sulaiman (A.S) to have a unique kingdom that no one had ever had before and nobody would be able to have after him. 

  •  Prophets can be Kings as well.

Prophet Nuh (A.S)

Material required is 2 empty boxes (we have used Post Timbits cereal box as it was made out of this material.) glue/stapler that’s it. Simply cut one side of an empty cereal box and attach another side in the middle to make one floor of the ship. Then cut open the other cereal box to make the roof of the ship. You can use anything to decorate your ship. Let your kids use their imagination. 

  • The facts you can teach your kids through this craft include:
    Who was the 1st carpenter? Prophet Noah (A.S)

  • Those who disobey Allah (SWT), will be punished in this world and the hereafter as well.

  • Allah taught him (Prophet Nuh A.S) how to build a big ship that consisted of 3 floors filled with a pair of every animal. 

  • It is Sunnah of prophets to do things with your own hands.

    Trust me I made this toy with kids in the morning and the rest of the day I didnt see my kids. They were just with this ark and their imaginary play … They searched every single animal toy they had in the house e.g under the bed, under couches, etc all lost toys they gathered to see how many can fit into it.

Prophet Younas (A.S)

My kids call him the “whale prophet” Prophet Younas is an all-time favorite story for my kids until today… they love to listen to this for their bedtime, lunchtime, dinner time …  all the time… why??? Because his story is so unique that he went into the belly of a Whale and came out alive … So I tried to make these whales with my kids… 

Material required are scissors, craft paper, and glue

The lessons that I teach my kids from this story are: 

  • Allah (swt) is with you… even if you are in the belly of the whale…
    We should always call Allah if we are in trouble and He almighty responds to us.

  • If you seek forgiveness from Allah, He the Almighty will never leave us alone. 

  • Fish are so yummy to eat as well.. Allah almighty has made them Halal for us… so eat and enjoy.

  • We should always obey Allah almighty… If we make any mistake we should repent to Him and ask for forgiveness.
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  • The is a whole chapter in the Quran with the name of prophet Younas (A.S)

Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)

While there are so many DIY sheep ideas,  I ran out of craft supply to make the wool for the sheep but Alhamdulillah I have some weeds in my front yard. All you need is:

1. ?????? ???
2. ????? ??????
3. ???????
4. ????? or cotton balls.

Cut the cereal box and into half and use both sides as sheets to make your sheep. Draw some sheep using a black marker. Poke some holes into it and handover this to your child to insert some weeds in them. Hand and eye coordination activity.

Lessons that can be taught:
Never underestimate even a small thing and consider it useless.


About the Author:

Im a licensed teacher and currently homeschooling my own kids. We love to do some arts and crafts. Prophet stories are always the most favorite ones for my kids. They are the most informative full of moral lessons. So I thought to do some easy crafts with them to enjoy the imaginary play with them. Also, Im a writer of a Hajj activity booklet for kids that comes along with 2 coloring Eid cards and a reward sticker page as well Alhamdulillah.
I have prepared some Free Islamic printables for kids it take benefit from and they are translated into 5 different languages including Russian, Spanish, French, Bosnian, and Portuguese Alhamdulillah.