By Erum Zehra and Khaula Siddique

We are all watching the tragedy that has hit Pakistan with heavy hearts. The least we can do is to donate, fortunately, there are many reliable, trustworthy organizations working hard to send relief. Please donate through a trustworthy organization to ensure your charity actually goes to those in need. We have compiled a list of some organizations that are transparent with their fund distribution and workings.

The first three are based in Canada, they issue tax receipts and send annual reports to their donors.

Please dont think any donation is too small, every little bit counts, give what you can afford. Lets remember those suffering in our prayers and not take our everyday comforts for granted.


Donate Here

2. Muslim Welfare Centre:

Donate Here

3. Islamic Relief Canada:

Donate Here

4. I Care Fund Americas Karachi Relief Trust:

Donate Here

5. Al Khidmat:

Donate Here  

6. Imran Khan:

Accounts Details:

1- Bank of Punjab
Account Title: Chief Ministers Flood Relief Fund 2022
Account Number: 6010159451200028
IBAN: PK92BPUN6010159451200028
2- Bank of Khyber
Account Title: Chief Ministers Flood Relief Fund Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Account Number: 2008365353
IBAN: PK32KHYB0015002008365353

7. JDC:

Account Number: 1031-0081-011633-01-2
Branch Address: Bank Al Habib Limited, Main water pump Branch, Karachi
IBAN PK11BAHL1031008101163301
Swift Code: BAHL PKKA
8. Chhipa:
9. Akhuwat: