By: Elaf Salim


It is very common to experience low energy levels during the winter season. It usually stems from sensitivity to the lack of sunlight in the winter’s “shorter” days which disrupts our internal body clock. Your mood may become cold and dark when your surroundings are dark and bleak. Especially for moms, it sometimes borders on a mild depression and they can feel down and unhappy. You know the feeling but here are a few suggestions to lift up your energy levels and help you survive the winter slump:

 1-      Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset

Despite the fact that shorter days are the main biological cause of the winter blues, you can find a blessing in disguise. You can enjoy watching the gorgeous sunrise and sunset every day. Watching sunrise and sunset and reflecting on nature’s beauty is so uplifting. Just remind yourself to look at the sky and notice the beauty around you.

2-      Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is so vital to lifting your energy levels. Replace coffee and sodas with pure water. It will bring your body to life and rejuvenate your energy. If you want something different,try infused waters… Delicious!

3-      Get enough sleep

Don’t cheat your body and try to get enough sleep. On average adults need 8 hours of sleep every day. Otherwise, you will feel exhausted, drained and grumpy. No one likes a grumpy mommy.

4-      Get some sunshine

Take advantage of bright sunny days and go out for a walk. Dress warmly for the cold weather. Experiencing more sun will help your brain produce chemicals to fight depression and sluggishness.

5-      Move your body

Regular exercise is the best to boost your energy. You may think it will consume your energy which is already low but on the contrary, exercise actually oxygenates your blood and fills your body with more energy.  Move around, jump up and down and stretch every now and then. Don’t surrender to the couch. The is a great way to get your kids moving too!

 6-      Eat high energy foods

Avoid the fast burning foods that your body quickly turns into sugar and are void of nutrition such as white starches and sugars. Instead, eat more greens and low burning carbs such as sweet potatoes and brown rice. Experiment with going gluten free for a while. Eliminating wheat from your diet drastically increases your energy levels (tested and proven by me). Eat smaller meals more frequently and try to enjoy the cooking process of healthy colorful snacks.

7-      Plan family nights

Take advantage of the extra time you have in winter to plan family fun nights. Watch some movies, play games and enjoy the company of your children and family members. Listen to uplifting music and have fun.

 8-      Indulge in learning and reflection

Consider spending some time reading books in bed every night. Allow yourself some home relaxing time where you get to enjoy solitude and indulge in self-reflection.

 9-      Think positively

Positive thoughts replenish your energy. Train your mind to think positively and be hopeful. Shift your perspective to the brighter side of everything. There is nothing better than praying and meditation to help you gain control over your thoughts. This will ultimately change your life.

What tips do you have for beating the winter blues? 

About the Author:  Elaf Selim is a Software Engineer, a Jewelry designer, a blogger and a Mom. She is the owner of, a handmade artisan jewelry shop. She loves photography, writing, historical architectures and nature in all forms.