Welcome  2016! Every year we find ourselves saying  the same thing “Last year went by so fast!” and truth is, once a year starts, we really do not know how the days and weeks whizz past by!

Each New Year is a new opportunity to start clean, make new goals, experience new adventures and reach new accomplishments! What a fantastic opportunity!

At we also know that January is right in the midst of the winter and with winter brings with it, those “winter blues”. Not on our watch though! This month we have just the answer to your feeling blue, were the friends who drop by with a warm bowl of soup when you feel down. In our version of course we will be brightening your days with a lineup of funny pieces to bring humour and and cheer back in your lives. And we cant bring you some warm soup in person, but we will have really nice recipes for you to try and share with your families.

Now lets talk another New Year must: Resolutions. Have you a list of to-do for the year? We have some great tips for making and sticking to your years goals.  Canadian winters are unlike any other winters but ONLY Canadians know that! We are the True North after all and we will bring you a list of fun things to do in this month.

How many children is one too many? One child or six, we all have our struggles. One of our writers bravely shares her Confessions of a Mom of….5! So many funny scenarios we’ve all experienced and believe it or not, she can make having 5 kids look fun!

Aside from loosing our minds during our long winter months, we have a great superb article reminding you of “items” youre likely to loose and find during our chilly winters.

As a new addition to the website, we’ll be having our resident nutrition specialist sharing some wonderful recipes every week! They are easy to make and undoubtedly delicious! Get excited about cooking all over again!

Wishing you a wonderful January! Hopefully the Muslimmom Team and keep you smiling each and every day!