By Beenish Mahmood

Eid ul-Fitr, known as “the festival of breaking of the fast,” is the celebration that marks the end of Islamic holy month Ramadan, in which Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset as well as engage in extra prayers and charity. For Canadian Muslims, Eid ul-Fitr celebrations normally include attending the mosque, exchanging gifts, socializing with family and friends, giving away to charities, and attending community Eid events.

My Ideal Way Of Celebrating Eid:

Eid is a wonderful time for families to come together and celebrate. Besides all the feasting, there is a significant religious sentiment attached to the occasion. My ideal way of celebrating Eid is visit friends, family, and neighbors, wish them ‘Eid Mubarak’, and share the joy of this day with them. This creates a bond between families and communities. I also love to prepare sweet delicacies this day, along with wearing new clothes, giving each other gifts, having friends and family over. At the same time, I like to raise my children to celebrate and value diversity and to be proud of themselves and their family traditions. I like them to value the Eid traditions and carry it along with them.

Eid ul Fitr Celebrations In Canada:

Eid ul fitr will most likely be celebrated in Canada on Monday May 2nd, 2022, depending on the sighting of moon. Most families across Canada, pretty much like across the world, begin the Eid celebrations by looking their best in new clothes, and decorating their houses with lights and other ornaments. People drive down to the local mosque for the special Eid prayer accompanied by a short lecture. After prayers, everyone greets each other. Pictures are taken at the prayer ground, then everyone returns back home to eat their first mid-day meal in a month. Often, people visit relatives and friends. Some mosques host fun events such as BBQs, or carnivals with games and prizes. Overall, it is a fun filled day. Muslims hope to implement the good habits they cultivated during the month of Ramadan into their everyday lives in order to improve themselves and the rest of society. Muslim families across Canada also enjoy a variety of Eid events hosted by the Muslim community.

Ideas to Celebrate Eid in Canada:

In case you have just moved to Canada, here are some ideas to brighten up your eid:

• Decorate your house with Eid decorations and ornaments. Get the kids involved with the shopping as well as putting it on.
• Join potluck events at the local mosque where you can meet the community.
• Distribute goodies among neighbors.
• Visit different community eid bazars and melas.
• Donate food or money, or even donate your time by performing community services.

About the Author:

Beenish Mahmood is an Administrative professional with years of experience working with children with special needs. She also volunteers at Literacy South Halton tutoring adults with Down Syndrome and Learning Difficulties. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, travelling, and serving the community.