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An Interview with Shabnam Ansari of Worldwide Quran Thinkers

Recently our team member Beenish Mahmood interviewed Shabnam Ansari from Worldwide Quran Thinkers. Shabnam Ansari is the founder of Worldwide Quran Thinkers, an open forum for thinking, pondering and discussion... Read More

An Interview with The Women’s Center of Halton

Recently our team member Beenish Mahmood interviewed the team at the Womens Center of Halton. The Women’s Centre was founded in 1989 when it was realized that women leaving shelters... Read More

An Interview with Sana Farid of Empower Aces

Recently our team member Beenish Mahmood interviewed Sana Farid from Empower Aces. Sana Farid is the founder of Empower Aces, a youth development platform based out of Ontario, Canada. Their... Read More

ACCESS Community Capital Fund

ACCESS Community Capital Fund is a registered Canadian charity based in Toronto. ACCESS helps people in financial need in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area who want to achieve their dreams of... Read More

An Interview with Sister Kulsoom Kazim of i3 Institute

Recently our team member Beenish Mahmood interviewed Sr. Kulsoom Kazim from i3 Institute. Sister Kulsoom Kazim is a certified life coach, counselor, motivational speaker and author. She holds a bachelor... Read More

Dedicated to Charitable Causes

By Erum Zehra Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall... Read More

My Women Support – Dedicated to Empowering Women

By Erum Zehra   As mothers we have a tendency of keeping the needs of our families before ours. While this helps our families develop and achieve their goals, we... Read More

Nisa Homes – Dedicated To Helping Women

By Erum Zehra talks to Zena Chaudhry about Nisa Homes and how the organization, with its transitional homes for women and their children, has been instrumental in helping these victims... Read More

MYVoice: A Publication By The Youth, For The Youth

By Aminah Ahmed MyVoice’s motto is ‘Empowering the Muslim youth creatively while learning and teaching our deen.’ MYVoice is a non-profit Muslim youth magazine entirely written and published by Muslim youth.... Read More