By Hanifa Menen

Many people have heard of the term “awakening” these days as it is being spoken about more and more since many people are consciously experiencing this psychological event and now can understand it too!

In this video, I explain how awakening (as you might imagine) does relate to “waking” from slumber and sometimes this can be perceived as a “rude awakening” to disagreeable facts of a life situation. After the shock of such an experience, many are not able to function normally in their daily activities, but as soon as they feel a bit stronger, many will jump right back into patterned behaviors. I discuss how losses of various sorts can lead to such an awakening, how secrets or lies within families can lead to such experiences, and how many professionals (including healthcare but not limited to this field) – are too embarrassed to get help through this experience which can either be “ignored” or utilized as a life-transforming experience. I hope you will learn something useful from the video and please feel free to ask questions too!



About the Author

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