By Maya Hashmi

Say YES to your Perfect Bridal Artist!

We all plan and look forward to our wedding day and whether it is a big event or small, every bride wants to look flawless and polished for her wedding and pictures of her special day! Here are some quick tips to help you find your perfect Bridal Makeup & Hair artist!

Trial – Trial – Trial!

The first step would be to look at local bridal artists to get an idea of what you like and dislike. Every artist has their own signature look and as the bride you need to decide what you prefer. Show them pictures of how you’d like your bridal makeup and hair and go in for a trial. I cannot stress how important it is to show your artist a picture of the look you want. For example, what you consider natural look could be very different than their idea of a natural look.

This is also a good point to know how much their services cost, how the booking process works (if you have to put a deposit, sign agreements etc). Make sure you book the trial anywhere 6 to 3 months before your big day ensuring you have enough time to find the perfect match as some brides have to try a couple different artists before they settle on an artist they work well with.

Prep for the trial

Make sure you show up for the trial with your hair washed and dried the night before so it can hold any hairstyle better. Cleanse and moisturize your face to provide the artist with a clean canvas to work on. This will also save time and allow the artist to see how your skin is. If you use any special products for your skin (acne treatments or products for sensitive skin) make sure to bring those along too.

At the trial

When you go in for your trial, it helps if you bring all your hair accessories (veil, tiara etc) so you can get an idea of what the final look will be. If you haven’t purchased your accessories yet, ask the hairstylist if they have something you can try on for the trial. Another great tip I find that helps the bride get a better idea of their overall look is to wear a shirt/dress that matches their wedding dress (say your dress is red, the makeup you try on at the trial may then clash if you show up wearing a yellow or blue to the trial).

Extra costs

Ask your artist if there are any additional charges like travel fees, parking, lashes, installing extensions, up-do’s etc. If you want your artist to stay on site for touch ups, chances are there are additional rates for that – so make sure you get a detailed quote before committing to anything.


Sometimes, especially if you had your trial a while before your wedding, you may change your mind on what bridal look you’d want – ask your artist if they are open to doing another trial and make note of any fees that may be incurred at this point.

Follow these tips and I hope it helps you say YES to your perfect bridal makeup and hair artist who will bring your bridal beauty vision to life!


About the Author

Maya is a 3x Certified and Professionally trained Makeup Artist with vast experience in Bridal, Glamour and Fashion makeup. Maya is also a NARS Makeup Artist. Her passion for enhancing beauty and focus on using high end products drove her to start her own successful freelance makeup business, ODARA Makeup. Through her freelancing work Maya works intimately with clients seeking make up applications for weddings, head-shots, family portraits, special events as well as working as part of a team for high end shoots. For more information, please visit her website Odara Makeup.