By Amber Hasan

Letter to Kathleen Wynne

Dear Premier,

As a woman, I always felt happy and empowered seeing you climb the political ladder; that too at such a late stage in life. Then you became the Premier of Ontario, and in you I saw hope that may be one day, my self or my daughter can also follow your precedent.

I was wrong. Because it never occurred to me that the woman who just couple of months ago stated that her sexual orientation should not be brought up in defining her role and position, would one day be using her ‘Gay Card’ to label myself and thousands of parents like me ‘homophobe’; just so you could ram a controversial, bizarre and politically motivated sex-ed curriculum, designed by a convicted pedophile Ben Levin and implemented by you and your racist, discriminatory lot who look down from the Legislature building at thousands of parents and call them ‘cons’ of the Conservative Party.

Its desperate times when one starts calling names, or when one points a finger at my friends Hijaab calling her a radical parent, or calling me a politically motivated woman, or calling the Christian man holding the largest placard, an ignorant. If only you could look at us as just parents, concerned parents, who are only asking for their right to parent. If only you could have the courage to accept or the heart to understand the psychological, emotional and physical pain and suffering we are going through every day in our struggle against your approved curriculum. Yes the best defense is a good offense! 

On March 27, 2015 you said:

The final thing I want to say is, if after you have read the curriculum and you still disagree, you have permission to withdraw your child from class, you have that permission, that is your right… and it has always been your right, and that is a very important thing and that is what I wanted to say to you.

You lied because when I myself, and other parents, sent the opt out letters to schools about complicated sexual minorities, six gender theory, anal sex, we were told we CAN NOT opt out of these sessions as per the Human Rights Code of Ontario.

Isn’t this preferential treatment for one set of human rights over another? There was and is only one set of rights that stands and protects everyone alike and it is NOT known as Mens rights or Womens rights or Gay rights or Queers rights but as Human Rights – makes sense?

Parents Protest at Queens Park, April 2015

So now we are the bad guys for encouraging our children to bully because we keep them home on Pink Day and because we do not want to expose our children in very early grades to sexual concepts they should not be made aware of at that tender age and because we strongly object to the transgender indoctrination which will lead to additional confusion.

The proposed concepts of transgenderism and gender fluidity are already being taught, NOT to grade 4 students but to kindergarten kids. They have been read books authored by writers of adult content. I know some schools where kindergarten teachers brought skirts and makeup and our little ones were coaxed into wearing those, boys and girls alike, and later their pictures were displayed in the school. All this without the parents consent!

For me and hundreds of thousands of parents like me, your being gay and celebrating it is NOT an issue, madam Premier. The issue is that you are forcing it on our innocent children and us and then also want us to celebrate this forced lifestyle under the Trojan horses of Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Education.

So who has the phobia now? Us? Or the small few intolerant bigots ripping us of our parental rights are the ones with phobias?

Too much for a premier to handle important issues like budget, auto insurance premiums (Ontarians paid upto 4 billion dollars too much in car insurance) and Hydro One so she chooses the one that comfortably forces her Homophobic Rhetoric on the poor residents.

According to the Toronto District School Board’s survey, the most common type of bullying is for ‘body image’- the reason given by 27% of high school students. The second biggest reason in Toronto schools is ‘cultural or racial background.

Why do we not celebrate a ‘Let’s Pretend To Be Fat Day’ or ‘Turban Day’ or ‘Hijaab Day’?

There is an entire bullying awareness week in November every year. Why is there an entire day dedicated to celebrating your lifestyle, paid with OUR tax money? Why does this type of bullying warrant extra attention or focus vs. all other forms of bullying?

This isnt about ‘inclusion’ or ‘diversity at all. Diversity is about representing everyone equally. These initiatives by your good-for nothing, power and attention hungry, politically corrupt government, do not represent your voters or Ontarios concerned parents or the hard working immigrants or the strong women but only represent a single community, and a certain agenda, quite exclusively.

This is NOT happening!

Call me homophobe, call me ignorant, tell me to duck my face in sand because I dont want to open up to the realities of the new era as defined by you, waste my tax money on parades safeguarding the rights of a handful of people, glorify yourself not as the first Woman Premier but as the first Lesbian Premier: I wont back off, from my children, from my rights as a parent, and from my rights as a proud Canadian.


A concerned parent

About the author:

Mother to a bunch of crazy cakelets,  Amber is a kind of a jill-of-all-trades and master of none. She can be reached via or on Twitter @amberShasan 

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