By Nasreen Faiz

Choosing the right venue for your wedding, or any event for that matter, is quintessential to it running smoothly.

On average, a couple is likely to spend around 35% of their entire wedding budget on the venue. That is quite a bit of money to spend on just one thing!

When it comes to smaller gatherings, such as an Aqeeqa, that percentage is likely to be even higher. Money aside, there are a plethora of banquet halls, convention centres, restaurants and other spaces available to choose from- so how do you decide which on is the right one?!

Here a few pointers to help get your started on the right track:

Opinions Matter

Ask around! Ask your family, friends, colleagues, a stranger, anyone really. Find out what their experiences were like as guests or as a host. Are there any places they would highly recommend? If yes, jot it down.
Along with that, check online. Review sites such as Yelp!, and are great resources that are available to anyone with an internet connection. You can read reviews, both good and bad and gauge from there if a venue is likely to be a good fit.

Budget Issues

I cannot stress this enough, set a budget and stick to it! If you are looking to spend around say $35/person (incl. food), then make sure you stay with that figure. When you visit venues, the team may promise you the stars and the moon, which is great- if it’s within your budget!

A few extra dollars per person may not sound like a not, but if you are hosting an Aqeeqa for 200 guests, even going over by $5/person would result in you spending an additional $1000!

There are quite a few things that can affect your budget. The date of your event is likely going to affect the cost of everything. Any social gathering being held on a Saturday is going to be more expensive than one being held on a weekday or Sunday.

Bring along with you someone who you know will help you stay on track. Many times, venue coordinators will try and get you to sign on the spot by offer tantalizing bonuses such as an added chocolate fountain, additional dinner items or they’ll allow for you to add 10-15 guests to the list without an additional cost, do not fall for that!


Once youve narrowed down your list to the final three venues, create a chart and list down all of the pros & cons for each venue. Maybe you liked the overall look of one venue but loved the customer service that was provided by another.
Seeing all of the pros and cons listed on one page will help in deciding what matters more.

I usually have a checklist that I give to all of my couples. Save it, print it, make a few copies and start making notes! Choosing the right venue requires for you to do research, and make a well informed decision. Happy hunting!

About the Author:

Nasreen Faiz is a professional wedding planner and designer at Rangeen Weddings and Events. Life should be rangeen (colourful) which is why her main focus is to always create luxurious designs within any given budget.