By Natasha Arooj

This is the second part of our new series” Relationship Coaching with Natasha Arooj”.

This video clarifies a lot of reasons why we are facing difficulties in our lives. Many couples are struggling between two different cultural views. One is the eastern perspective which considers the family to be devoid of privacy. Our entire life is based on respecting the elders and living up to their standards. Its not just that womens role becomes that of housemaid, but man himself is devoid of affection and love from his wife and kids, hence often face isolation. And the western system which values independence and individual rights. It promotes financial independence as well. The couples success is often based on the what they can produce for their society. Now we will look at some Islamic perspectives on our role in our families. To find out the true values and essence of family structure, we will look at personalities whom can become great role models for us.

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About the Coach:

Natasha Arooj is a relationships coach. She works with couples who are struggling with loneliness or emptiness in their relationships, perhaps thinking about divorce or just giving up. She works with them to clear the negative mental patterns and allow the energy of love, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives. Her background is in alternative healing methods, which she uses to help her clients solve their problems.
If anyone would like book a session or discuss any of the videos they can reach out to her by messaging at 289-923-3401 or visiting: