By Natasha Arooj

This is the first part of our new series” Relationship Coaching with Natasha Arooj”.

In this video we are discussing the definition of communication and how it affects our relationships. We go into the different ways we express ourselves and how we can change them to better our relationships. We also discussed how our relationships are affected by our early experiences of the world. The video is designed to create awareness and share a new perspective on our everyday experiences. We have also included examples and exercises that the audience can use in their regular schedules to really effectively find change in their life.

Please view the video here:

About the Coach:

Natasha Arooj is a relationships coach. She works with couples who are struggling with loneliness or emptiness in their relationships, perhaps thinking about divorce or just giving up. She works with them to clear the negative mental patterns and allow the energy of love, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives. Her background is in alternative healing methods, which she uses to help her clients solve their problems.
If anyone would like book a session or discuss any of the videos they can reach out to her by messaging at 289-923-3401 or visiting: