By Anita Rathod

I grew up in a country thats one of the most culturally and religiously diverse nations in the world. As a child, I participated in various festivities, be it playing with colors on Holi, or parading and calling out trick or treaton Halloween, or gorging on Haleem and other sumptuous dishes during Ramadan. On most occasions, things didnt make any sense whatsoever; sometimes they seemed bizarre, sometimes harsh and sometimes even funny. But bonding with friends and just enjoying those little moments felt more important or so to say, the only thing, that’s important.

However, had I known the true meaning behind those rituals, things would have been a little different. I wish I could bring up my innocent questions and learn about other religions and cultures that could enrich my experiences and childhood memories.

Our textbooks taught us about different faiths that existed in this world, but that is like just making sure we get the facts right. But unless we dive a little deeper into understanding them, we wouldnt be able to appreciate them. This, to me, is paramount in building a stable and peaceful society wherein we can genuinely admire and appreciate other traditions. For this reason, I insist that my kids learn about all religions and be open to accepting them.

Festivals being one of the essential elements of any religion, they present a beautiful opportunity to learn about them. This way we learn to embrace other traditions and cultures just like the way we do our own. I endeavor to make as many books on festivals as I can on different religions to sensitize the kids on the significance and the true meaning of these festivals. 

Ramadan is considered a holy month by all Muslims across the world. This month holds a lot of significance in Islam. Fasting during Ramadan has much deeper meaning and message than what it might appear to be. It is not just about abstaining from food or water during the day; it is about practicing self-discipline and encouraging empathy and generosity. Let us learns more about Ramadan and how it is observed with the book, “Ramadan My First Fast.”

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Book Description: 

Ali is too young to fast from dawn to dusk. His Mom allows him to fast for a day this Ramadan and Ali eagerly waits for the Ramadan month to begin. He experiences a myriad of emotions through the day and learns the essence and the true spirit of Ramadan. He celebrates Eid-al-Fitr with his family and friends with zest and fervor. As Ali takes us through his first experience of the Ramadan fast, we learn the traditions and significance of the holy month of Ramadan. 

About the Author:

Anitha Rathod was born in the historic city of Hyderabad, India. She studied Finance and Human Resources from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, and worked with corporates for about a decade before deciding to pursue her passion for writing and creating books.  She is the mother of two young and naughty kids.