By Saniya Owais

With the ups and downs in the number of cases, and the new restrictions being imposed every now and then, it is but natural for the current world conditions to take a toll on our mental health. Be it a child or a grown adult, the effects of the pandemic are being encountered by all in one way or the other. Sure, it’s overwhelming, but is there really no way to hold on to our sanity?

Let’s try these:

1. Stick to the routine

The haphazardness of these unprecedented times is bound to make us slip off the track of routine. You might find yourself awake at odd times, eating at odd times, not caring at all about staying organised, but the mind feeds on this lack of alignment and we tend to stress more for the same reason. Try to convince yourself about the relevance of a routine. Sure, it could get monotonous, but the next point will present ways to deal with that.

2. Take some “happy” breaks

As the name suggests, these breaks from your routine work will help you focus better once you’re back at it. Whether it’s a walk around the block, a telephone conversation with a loved one, munching on your favourite chocolate bar, or watching an episode of your favourite sitcom, take a “happy” break whenever possible.

3. Dwell on the past a little

No matter how stuck you feel in the current circumstances, remind yourself that life was once normal. Something as little as scrolling up your phone’s photo gallery will help you feel better by giving an insight on the plus side of life. Reminiscing and cherishing the good things about your past actually takes the burden off your chest; the burden of the feelings accompanying this drastic unexpected change, and that of restlessness.

4. Make future plans

No matter how far off it seems, make exciting plans for the future once you pop out of the pandemic-tornado safe and sound. Who are the people you will freely hang out with? Which is that favorite restaurant where you will dine in? Which holiday destination will you hit? Which new ventures will you launch? Think about these and let yourself know that the world isn’t over yet.

5. Look at the Sufferers

Did you fall prey to COVID-19? If the answer to this is “No”, or “Yes, but I recovered”, you have all the more reason to feel content about where you stand at present. With over 2 million deaths due to this disease worldwide, you are among those who remained safe or survived respectively. Repeat this to yourself whenever you feel low.

Last but not the least,

“And do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah, for no one loses hope in Allah’s mercy except those with no faith.” (Al-Quran 12:87)

About the Author:

Saniya is a physiotherapist by profession and runs a personal blog on Facebook where she writes about parenting, lifestyle, events, travel and food in a fun way. It is called The Quirky Blogger. Her hobbies include reading, baking, socializing, and finding new ways to cheer herself and people around her up.