By Mona Ismaeil

organize your bathroom

The bathroom is often difficult to organize because there is little luxury of space and storage. This is one room that needs some real creativity. You have to think big and small at the same time! With a bit of tips and tricks, you can manage a better organized and neater bathroom space as well. Here’s how:

The Shower

There are many ways to organize your shower but it depends on the set up of your shower. Do you have a ledge? What kind of tiles are there? Is there a tub?

Shower Caddy: This is the most common organizing tool; it is simple, easy and very inexpensive. You can either get ones that hang around your shower head, or one that suctions to the walls. Both will help keep products off of the tub and prevent rings and stains. Also, this is a great way to keep these items out of the reach of young children.

Under the Sink

This space can be considered the dungeon of the bathroom. All bad bath products are sent there. This does not have to be the case for your space!

Shelving: A small expandable shelf under your sink can help make the most of the space. These can be ordered online for a fairly reasonable price.

Bins: If you like bins like I do, then this is the perfect space for them.  Use different sizes to organize different items. Place like items together for easy inventory. Bins with lids are great for smaller items like tooth pastes and soaps.

Note: Try not to “collect” hotel toiletries. How likely is it you’ll pull out a hotel shampoo and use it on a daily basis? NOT likely! The only time you will use one is when you go to a… hotel in which case you will be showered with more!



There are many ways to store your towels. It depends on your space. There are many ways which can combinedstorage with a creative decorative touch.

Baskets: I love this idea! If you have a larger wall space use a few baskets in different sizes to display and store extra towels.  This will also take a little pressure off of your linen closet.

Ladder display:  If you have enough floor space, you could re-purpose an old ladder to display your towels. This is a neat idea that has a nice decorative flair to it.

Hooks: Most of us use regular towel hooks and there is nothing wrong with that. They do the job just fine. If you want to spice things up you could change the hooks to something more fun and unique. Try “his” and “hers” hooks. Maybe find neat hooks that go with your theme. Try using dresser knobs in different colors to add a little fun to your bathroom.

organize your bathroom

Medicine Cabinet

This can become a major mess but it doesn’t have to be. No matter how you choose to organize your space, the most important thing to do is LABEL everything. Keep the medicine you would likely use at the same time together. Try some of these categories:



Just for him

Just for her


Toilet Paper

Nothing is worse than getting comfy and realizing you don’t have any toilet paper because your husband used it and left you a single square! It is vital to keep some extras in your bathroom for easy access but at the same time you want to keep them in an organized fashion.

Toilet paper holder: This simple item stands alone next to your toilet and holds a few extra rolls. Simple and functional!

Basket: You may want to leave a large basket in your bathroom with many rolls or perhaps, like I do, a little basket that sits above the toilet with 2 extra rolls.

Under the sink: This is also a common place to store toilet paper. It works just fine as well. It’s a little harder to access easily but still quite functional.

 Organizing your bathroom

Organizing your bathroom can be fun and easy. Remember to put your own touches into it and be sure to use your space to its full potential!

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About the author:

Mona Ismaeil is mother to a sweet little toddler, owner at Modern Hejab  and a blogger.

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