By Dur-e-Sabih

Without rules and regulations, this world is nothing but a concourse of chaos, having a lost sense of morality. Humans rank highest among the creations of God because Allah has gifted us wisdom to set rules and guidelines that regulate our society.

Your children are the assets of a nation. The more you work on their character building, the more they enlighten the world. So being a parent, the positive upbringing of your children is of utmost importance.

These little buds you are nurturing today will be the leaders tomorrow. Parenthood is an uphill battle if you do not know the rules of positive parenting. Muslims must understand the importance of a positive upbringing because the holy Quran says;

“O believers, the hellfire will be fueled by people and stones, upon which the harsh and strict angles are appointed, so protect yourself and your families” [Qur’an 66:6]

Positive Parenthood; what does it Mean?

There is nothing like “one-size-fits-all” when we talk about the perfect way of dealing with your child, so it is hard to generalize parenthood. Being a mother, you have a significant role in your child’s life, so create a learning environment that will guide them toward a righteous path.

They can learn everything through positive reinforcement, so there is no use in being authoritative or having a “because I said so” attitude, as it will exacerbate their personality. If respect and open communication prevail in your surroundings, there is no allure to darkness.

Although some stages of parenthood are incredibly challenging, especially those related to infancy and toddlerhood. At times, you may get frustrated and confused, which might distract you from your mission.

But you should focus on your child’s personality development needs and build a connection that reciprocates their energy and boost their self-esteem.

Positive parenting has many benefits, for instance, less parental stress, a solid parent-child connection, less chaos, soft discipline practices, and an improved child’s mental health.

7 positive parenting Tips for Mothers:

1.   Be Yourself:

Don’t compare yourself with other mothers and try to copy their style. Every child is different, and so does your parenting style. Adapt a parenting style that suits your child’s personality. You better know their likes, dislikes, and interests; therefore, the best in your interest is to choose what is best for your child.

In western culture, Muslim mothers may fear being shunned by society, but the best for your child is to be a practicing Muslim, not to fit societal norms.

2.   Make Dua and read Quran:

Allah is the one who guides us and helps us in every step of our lives. Make dua for your children after every prayer because a mother’s prayer leaves a profound impact on your child’s fate. Make dua in front of them so they should know about the love and care you have for them.

Read the Quran daily with translation. The Muslim Pro mobile app will help you in this regard. The complete holy Quran with multi-language translation is readily available on this platform.

Create a home mosque in the basement or any corner of your house, equip it with the holy Quran and Islamic books, and ask your children to spend a chunk of their day there.

3.   Maintain a Friendly relationship:

Parenting is not about executing your power’ Allah has obligated parents to nurture their kids, but there is nowhere written that you should adopt an authoritative behavior.

When you are in distress, you take out your anger on your child, which is highly discouraging for them. They will fear you and won’t ever communicate with you openly. They won’t share their problems and interests, making positive parenting an impossible task.

Calm yourself before going to your children. Reciting some verses from the Quran will help you calm your anger and distress.

4.   Do not try to be a Fairy Tale Mom:

In stories, we find a super mom who can do everything, but in real life, multitasking can ruin your home completely. Do not set goals that are out of your domain.

While doing so, you will neglect your own life and nothing will be in your hand at the end of the day. the magic spell won’t take you to places, so stop acting like a mom with magical powers. No problem if you set a goal and cannot complete it in a day, a week, or even months.

Make a priority list and put yourself and your children at the top of it because family is something that lasts forever.

5.   Set Rules:

You may like the title “the best mom in the world,” and for that, you may find yourself being too lenient with your children even if they break the rules. That is not a positive parenting trait.

Set rules and regulations in your house and punishment if they break any of them. so, of the apparent rules are;

  • Do not use mobile phones while eating.
  • Always wear a seatbelt while in the car.
  • Do not litter in homes, streets, and roads.
  • No one can use a phone or tablet it is family time.

There are many other rules you can set in your home to turn it into heaven. Enlighten your children about the importance of these rules so they can follow them throughout their lives.

6.   Make Time for your Children:

Allah will ask you how you bought up your children, and if, because of your ignorance, you raised them wrong, it will harm them in this life and hereafter.

Thus, it is vital to take parenting seriously and do everything that is best for your child. For that, you have to spend time with your family. Maintain a balance between your work and family life. If your job costs your family peace, leave and go for one that lets you make time for your family.

If you have an extra job, quit it if possible because raising your children to be practicing Muslims is far better than making money.

7.   Do not Delay:

You will stay a mother of a child for your whole life, but your child will not remain your child all his life. Time flies; he will become a grown-up man in the blink of an eye.

So you do not have a whole life to guide and teach your children. Some laid-back moms will delay enforcing positive parenting until their children get out of their hands. Children learn nearly everything in the early stage of their life, so start guiding them as early as possible.

The Final Verdict

Every parent must have difficulty guiding their kids at least once. Consistency, dedication to Islam, and maintaining open communication with your child are some of the weapons of positive parenthood.

Being authoritative might help you for a while but will leave a forever impact on your child’s personality. So assess your child’s personality and choose your parenting style wisely.


About the Author

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