By Erum Zehra

After a long and busy summer, it is finally the first day of school. After dropping off our kids to school, we can finally have some time to ourselves. What should we do with that little bit of extra time, which is so hard to come by for busy moms like us? Apart from doing essential household chores, it is also very important to take time out for activities that we enjoy. If you want to try something new, here are ideas for some fun activities:

1. Walk in the Park

After you drop off your kids to their school, dont rush back home. Take a walk in the park near their school. It will refresh and relax you and is also very good for your health. We are supposed to walk at least 10,000 steps every day. A walk for 30 minutes will help you get closer to that goal. Here is a free app you can use to track your steps:

For iOS: Pacer

For Android: Pacer

2. Go to the Gym

Keeping active as a busy mom can be very difficult. It is important to remember that an active lifestyle is the key to a healthy, long life. So take this time to get a membership to a gym. There are women only gyms like Good Life Fitness and others almost everywhere. Most gyms offer a wide range of group classes through the day for different fitness levels and goals. Try a few out and see what you like the most. Get together with other moms and encourage each other.

3. Learn something

Explore your interests and invest time into learning something new. It could give you a career boost and can just be a fun activity. Whatever it is youve been dying to learn,  now is your chance! Try some of these ideas :

A. Cooking

B. Woodworking

C. Art, painting or drawing

D. Become a certified instructor

E. Take an online course

F. Learn another language

G. Improve your computer skills

4. Pamper Yourself

I realize telling you to go for a spa treatment  everyday is unrealistic but you can do many things to make yourself feel look and feel great at home.

A. Give yourself a mani/pedi.

B. How about a facial?

C. Have a bubble bath

D. Meditate/Pray

E. Do some Writing /Journal Writing/ Blogging

5. Share Your Skills and Hobbies

Whatever it is you are passionate about, there are other moms that feel the same! Reach out to other moms and get together with them to do that hobby together! Book clubs, Knitting clubs and other womens  groups exist for that exact reason. If you cant find something in your community, start your own group and watch it grow! You can find other moms with similar interests in our Facebook discussion group.

6. Catch a Matinee!

Get together with your friends and make a matinee movie plan! When was the last time you did that? Matinee movie show times are as early as 12:50 pm, which means you will be done by the time you have to pick up your kids. Here is a great movie you can watch .

7. Go for a Patio Breakfast

With restaurants reopening, a patio breakfast at your favorite restaurant can be so much fun. Plan to go with your friends, because there is nothing better than good food with good company.

8. Plan a Photo Shoot

Fall will be coming soon and it is the most beautiful season in Canada. Capture some special moments in this season by planning a photoshoot with a photographer or your friends. These memories will be precious and you will have a great time!

9. Cook for Yourself

Yes, I know, we are tired of cooking! It is something we do almost every day! But instead of treating it like a chore, turn it into an experience! Buy the tastiest and freshest groceries and then cook something only for yourself to enjoy. Dont worry about who else would want to eat it. Try that recipe you have been thinking about for so long, but didnt make because you knew your kids wont care to eat it! Prepare it and then sit down and take the time to savor it. Food is one of Allahs most important blessings and the best way to be grateful for it is to enjoy it to the fullest.

10. Start a Business

This many sound scary but its not. I know as an entrepreneur that the most successful  businesses  are those which start and continue as the owners passion. The world of business has changed a great deal and you no longer need a storefront. Our Facebook group for buying and selling offers great options for promoting and selling your items right from your own home. Join it to get inspiration from other women who started from scratch just like you and are thriving today. There are endless business ideas and these only scratch the surface:

b. screen printing

c. flower/chocolate arranging

d. clothing design

e. translation of documents

f. proof reading

g. writing articles

h. tutoring (online or in person)

Whatever you are doing, make sure it is bringing you joy and a feeling of accomplishment. You should always feel fulfilled with whatever you do to spend your time.