Online or virtual learning has become the norm during the Covid 19 pandemic. Our children are adjusting to the new norm of learning, interacting and socializing online. Their learning is divided into two specific categories: academic and religious. They will be busy with these activties until the end of June. But during the summer, it is likely that both types of learning will end and we will be left to our own devices  to facilitate the learning of our children.

Two brilliant moms Fatima and Samira, who are school teachers trained in Biology and Psychology, have come up with the perfect solution by organizing a virtual summer program. In their live classes, they interact with our children and encourage them to participate. They provide recordings of the classes and slides for revision. They also send follow up activities so we can keep our children busy during the week after the live class.

SEED virtual summer program combines academic learning with Islamic concepts. Children are taught principles of science along with relevant hadith and Quranic verses. They are encouraged to reflect, engage and interact with their peers while taking the online class. They are also taught to practice mindfulness and do relevant activities that expand their learning horizons including journaling, crafting and experimenting.

Fatima and Samira are based in Canada, but the program is available worldwide as it is conducted virtually.  This six week long program starts in July and the cost to participate is only $30 .  Payment can be easily sent via Paypal from anywhere in the world. If you are looking for a great program to help your kids learn, think, reflect and participate then you should register for SEED Muslim Kids Ultimate Virtual Summer Camp 2020. Hurry if you want to avail the special early bird price and freebies for early registration.

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