By Khaula Mazhar

How is your Ramadan prep going? I find as time goes by and I get older, my pre-Ramadan is focused on getting things done so I don’t have to worry about them in Ramadan and can just focus on Ibadaat (which is basically the point!). On that note I had the pleasure of visiting the Pre-Ramadan event organized by Javeria Kamran and Sana Taimur, two of our local entrepreneurial ladies who always seem to have something going on!

The event was held on Saturday, March 26 at Swagat Banquet Hall in Mississauga. I am not much of a shopper, but I have to say the event was well-organized, well-attended and had plenty of goodies that really caught my attention (yes there were cupcakes!! Glorious, sweet, creamy little bits of heavenly bliss!) Also some gorgeous apparel, plenty of sparkling, elegant jewelry, shoes and- I was very happy to see- some art and décor!

Overall it was great to just get out and meet people in-person again! If you missed this event no worries, Sana and Javeria have organized another event that you can catch in April. This time the event will be held for two days, Saturday and Sunday (April 23rd and 24th ) at Swagat Banquet Hall Mississauga. If you are interested in participating as a local business or would like to support the event don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Here are some moments captured from this past event, see you at the next one?

About the Author

Khaula Mazhar, artist at Khaulas Art  is the Editor of MuslimMoms.Ca newsletter. She has written for Dawn Pakistan and now bestows her wisdom upon the world at her blog. Last time she counted she had five kids, however the vast amount of laundry has given her doubts. This is a cause of constant distraction as she tries to finish writing the next NYT best-seller.